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Videos Offered For Sale Feature Material Of An Adult Nature. If You Are Under 18 Years Of Age You Are Not Permitted To View Or Purchase This Material And Must Leave Now

PJPee-media is the downloadable media sales arm of PJP Productions and Projectpee. Since 2009 we have offered downloadable versions of the movies available on DVD 

Additionally we offer a range of movie clips, available for individual purchase. Clips available include selected scenes from the earlier days of Projectpee and which were previously only available from the Members area in the form of small mpeg clips. You can now revisit your favourite scenes from days gone by and enjoy viewing them in high-resolution DivX format. However, it is not just historic footage which is available as we have videos from our Naughtypee label and movies from selected partners including Pee Devil, X-Streams, Pissbank & Exxxhaust. 



In March 2012, this version of on-line shop replaced the previous version of the shop which used a very problematic software platform. This version of the shop is on the same platform as our DVD shop which has been in operation since 2004.

At the same time, we have ceased to use the services of Digicontentsales to process payments and issue download links. We will now be processing all payments on our own merchant account as we have always done with DVD sales.

All transactions will be billed by our holding company and charges will appear on your credit card or bank statement as INGLIS GREEN.

As payments are now processed manually download sales are NOT instant. Depending on the time of day or night the order is submitted, it can take from a few minutes to several hours before links are sent out.

We will always strive to provide your links as quickly as possible but the payment processing system is not in operation 24 hours a day.

You will receive an automated mail immediately on submitting the order but your card will not be charged until immediately before the links are despatched to you.


Please take a moment to read the “About” page, which contains very important information on system requirements and procedures for downloading and viewing the movies and clips.


Please Note That The Products Offered For Sale Are For Download. If You Wish To Purchase A DVD Please Go To www.pjpee-video.com Since July 2015 Projectpee no longer operates as a membership site and so it is no longer possible to purchase recurring memberships. However our new Projectpee site offers individual movie clips, including a huge archive of older clips (now in full 1080 HD) and all the latest updates for instant download. Visit   http://www.projectpee.com


 PJPee-media and PJP Productions are trading names of Inglis Green