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Our long-term favourite model, lovely Eve makes her debut on full movie accompanied by Cassandra another long-term favourite model with Projectpee customers. If you enjoy seeing elegant sophisticated girls being very naughty and very daring in very public places this is a must-see movie for you. Singly and together the girls deliver a total of twenty-four huge gushing pees in a variety of locations. We are sure that this is a movie that you will want to watch and enjoy time after time

Chapter 1

We find Eve arriving at the airport car park, desperate to pee. She leaves her car and takes a pee by the gatehouse as the odd car drives past. Later she is having a long wait for the shuttle bus to the terminal and can’t wait any longer to pee and so she floods the floor of the waiting room, managing to soak her panties into the bargain. On her return from her trip, she is heading across the car park looking for her car and has to stop to take a huge pee on the tarmac. Finally, we find Eve at the rear of the airport looking for one of the handymen. She can’t find him but takes the opportunity to dive into a disused building for a much-needed and very long pee.

Chapter 2

Eve is waiting for someone on a piece of waste ground surrounding a fuel storage tank. She needs to pee but wants to check that no one can see her and so she climbs a few steps up the ladder to check the surrounding area. There is no one in sight and so she just releases a torrent of from her position on the ladder, leaving the ground below soaked. Eve next takes a detour around the back of an industrial unit and takes a huge arcing pee down some steps leading to a basement. Next, we find Eve filling her car up at the local garage. She needs to pee so badly that she can hardly stand still and finally leaves her car filling up and takes cover behind another fuel pump to takes a huge pee on the forecourt.

In the last scene of this chapter, Eve arrives at the supermarket and collects her trolley. She is desperate to pee and can’t wait till she gets inside to find a toilet. Instead, she takes a huge pee in the shelter where the trolleys are stored.

Chapter 3

Eve collects her friend Cassandra at the airport but they have hardly travelled any distance when both girls decide that they really have to pee. Eve pulls the car into a quiet area behind a hangar and the girls take turns to pee by the hangar door. Next, the girls drive to the car rental office. It is closed and they end up peeing in turn on the doorstep of the Hertz office.

Chapter 4

Eve takes Cassandra sightseeing and they visit the ancient castle, which dominates the small town. Enjoy some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and then enjoy seeing first Cassandra and then Eve takes huge pees at the top of the tower. Before they can face the long descent back to the car park the girls need to pee again and they squat side by side over an old drainage channel. Cassandra manages to pee into the channel but most of Eve’s pee splashes on to the old flagstones.

Chapter 5

The girls have been out for a meal and should really have used the toilet before leaving the restaurant. As they walk across the town square they become increasingly desperate and have to stop at the edge of the square. First Eve and then Cassandra pee rivers onto the cobbles of a little lane leading into the square.

Cassandra is driving on to another town that evening and Eve leads her out on the route that she must take. They stop for a short walk and chat before Cassandra heads off and take the opportunity to have a pee in a picnic shelter by the busy road.

Chapter 6

On her journey, Cassandra becomes desperate to pee and pulls off the main road into a shopping centre. She can’t wait to look around for a shop that is still open and just squats over the gravel surface of an ornamental garden right in the middle of the shopping centre. Next, we find Eve at the entrance to a vineyard overlooking the beautiful Mosel valley. Whilst she waits for a lift up to the house she passes the time examining the vines. The chill air makes her realise how badly she needs to pee however and after fighting desperation for some time she finally just stands and pees a huge flood on to the dirt road. We next find Eve in a small town on the banks of the Mosel. She wanders through the busy streets and square for a while before slipping into a side street for a much-needed pee.

In the final scene of the movie, Eve is walking across the main bridge over the Mosel. She is so desperate to pee that she is having trouble even walking and finally she can go on no longer and ignoring the passing traffic she squats by the edge of the pavement and pees on to the side of the road. Feeling much better she continues her walk even pausing to admire the view of the river and a passing ship.