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A charming movie filmed in the springtime in the lovely New Forest area of southern England. Starring Eve accompanied by the delightful English model, Natalie. The girls produce 20 pees during the main section of the movie and we have a bonus scene at the end with Natalie peeing in the road after dark.

Chapter 1)

Eve & Natalie meet in the multi-story car park. They have both had long drives and are both desperate and so Natalie and then Eve pee in the car park. The go off into town but return to the car park bursting to pee. They pee on the staircase landing and totally flood the area.

Chapter 2)

Natalie takes Eve out to show her some of the local area and the visit a ruined abbey. Natalie is desperate to pee and goes beside the old well. Eve decides that she should go as well before returning to the car and floods the old stonework as well.

Later in the day, they travel to the seashore marshes. There is a chill wind, which makes the girls realise how badly they need to pee but house windows overlook the area. They walk to a bench and Natalie squats to pee in the cover provided by the bench. They change places and Eve floods the gravel.

Chapter 3)

The girls are out in the car and need to pee. Natalie heads towards a leisure centre where they can use the toilets but it’s closed for renovation. The girls squeeze around the closed gates and with Eve blocking the view of passing traffic as best she can, Natalie squats and pees on the tarmac. Eve uses one of the concrete posts as cover while she stands and pees a flood.

Later, the girls stop off at a rural station to use the toilet. These are no longer in use however and there are people on the platform. The walk across the bridge and first Eve and then Natalie pee on the bridge, and leave two huge puddles.

Chapter 4)

Natalie takes Eve to see a landmark preserved windmill and reconstructed farm. To their disappointment, it’s closed for the day. However, they do manage to explore the area around and when she needs to pee Natalie squats right on the doorstep of the windmill. This seems as good a place as any to Eve and she also squats and drenches the step in pee. The girls move on to explore the old farm buildings and pond. The chill air is increasing the discomfort of their bladders and so they decide to pee whilst sitting on the bench. They take two huge pees but manage to splash their legs and shoes.

 Chapter 5)

The girls return to Eve’s hotel and decide to take a stroll around the grounds before they head inside to meet Natalie’s friend Jenny for a drink. Their stroll lasts longer than they intended and they are desperate to pee before they reach the hotel. They decide just to have a pee in a quiet part of the car park and Eve stands with her back to a car and takes a huge gusher on to the gravel. As Eve finishes Natalie loses no time in squatting down and soaking the car park as well.

The girls reach the hotel but find that Jenny has gone up to Eve’s room to change. Eve & Natalie decide to order some tea to warm up whilst Jenny is getting ready. As Jenny has not come down and both Eve & Natalie are desperate to pee again they head up to the room, only to find that Jenny is in the shower and the bathroom door is locked. The girls are at bursting point and so Eve and then Natalie pee in the waste bucket, half filling it.

 Chapter 6)

A nice additional clip from Natalie, filmed on another occasion. Natalie is driving home late in the evening and is desperate to pee. She stops the car and dives around the front where she takes a huge pee in the road, nicely illuminated by the headlamps.


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