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Filmed over Easter 2006 in sunny Mallorca the movie features favourite Spanish model accompanied by her guest, German model Cindy, follows their adventures as Salma shows Cindy round the island, and includes some very naughty scenes in Cindy’s hotel room. Always full of fun and a natural exhibitionist, Salma is on top form and does not take long to convert Cindy to her wild ways. The movie runs for approximately 76 minutes and contains 28 pee scenes.

Chapter 1) The girls arrived at a seafront cafe but it is just about to open for the day and so the girls had to wait a few minutes. Salma is desperate for a pee and rather than wait, she scrambled down the hillside and peed right in front of the cafe terrace. Next, the girls wandered around the usual gift shops for a while but soon Cindy was desperate to pee. Cindy was a little shyer than Salma (but not for long, Salma soon led her astray) and tried to find a quiet corner by a boat, which is being stored in a parking area. She just managed to finish peeing before someone came out to ask what she is doing. Salma also needed to pee but had to wait until they were a little way down the road before she dropped her jeans and peed in the gutter of the main street.

 Chapter 2) The girls headed inland and stopped by a phone box as Cindy had forgotten to charge her mobile phone and wanted to ring home. After making her call, Cindy looked for a toilet but as she could not find one she walked into a field and squatted down for an urgent pee. Despite Cindy’s effort to be discreet, she was still seen by the occupants of a passing car. As they returned to the car Salma decided that she needed to pee and, having no reservations about being seen, simply squatted by the phone booth and peed a flood. The girls carried on driving inland until they reached a parking area by an ancient water pump. Salma climbed over the pump and took a huge arcing pee into the field below. With a little encouragement from Salma, Cindy followed and released a gushing pee, which splashed on to the stones below. The girls arrived at a coastal town had had to park some distance from the harbour. Cindy was absolutely bursting and peed at the top of the road, ignoring the barking from the dogs in nearby properties. As soon as Cindy finished, Salma lost no time in squatting down in front of a lock-up door and released a long stream of pee, which ran off down the hill towards the harbour.  

Chapter 3) The girls walked down to the harbour area and spent some time looking at the clothes shops. Salma badly needed to pee and so they headed along to the end of the promenade, where she thought that a toilet was located. As the toilet was closed, Salma simply took a few steps down the stairway that led to the shore, squatted down and released a huge arc of pee on the worn treads. Cindy was concerned by the number of people around and so walked down to a small cellar or cave under the promenade but the smell of fish was so strong that she would not go in. She headed back to pee on the steps but had to stop abruptly as a man was watching her intently. (This part of the scene is shown in the ‘out-takes’ at the end of volume 2). The girls sat down to eat a snack and the guy lost interest and moved on, allowing Cindy to take a much-needed pee on the steps. Before the headed off, Salma had to pee again and this time she walked right down to the water’s edge and peed into the sea. Salma took Cindy to see the ‘dragon’s tail’; a windy promontory at the foot of the island. By the time, that they arrived Cindy was desperate to pee and, unconcerned about the other visitors wandering around the area, she took a huge gushing pee at the edge of the cliff, leaving a big wet area on the flagstones. Ever the showgirl, Salma stepped up on to low wall surrounding the lighthouse and peed on the ground below from a standing position, finishing just as more visitors appeared.

Chapter 4) The girls headed back towards Puerto Andraitx but stopped before reaching the town as they both needed to pee. Salma remembered that there was a sports club nearby and so the girls walked there. However, the club was closed for renovation, so Cindy peed a torrent on to the squash court, and Salma took an exuberant pee from the terrace, send an arc of pee spraying down on the courts below. It took forever to find a parking place in Puerto Andraitx and both girls were absolutely bursting by the time that they got out of the car. Salma ignored passing traffic and peed all over the pavement by the open car door. Cindy waited until some pedestrians had passed before peeing a torrent on to the road. They then walked down to the harbour and headed for Salma’s yacht. By the time they reached the yacht, they were desperate to pee and Salma hurried aboard and rushed down to the toilet, where she peed for ages. Cindy was unsure about the unsteady boarding plank and Salma had to go back and encourage Cindy to board the yacht. Finally, Cindy walked aboard and was able to take a much-needed pee in the yacht toilet.

Chapter 5) The girls spent some time on the yacht and then strolled along the pier, admiring the view out to sea. Salma needed to pee again but could not be bothered going all the way back to the yacht and so she peed in an alcove in the pier wall. Cindy was about to follow Salma’s example but several groups of people appeared and so she climbed over the wall and down on to the rocks to take a very forceful pee into the sea. Salma then took Cindy along the coast to a nice beach with an unusual feature, a cafe set on a small island some way out from the beach. Unfortunately, the cafe was not due to reopen for the season until later in the month and so the decking on the bridge leading out to the island was not in place. This was not a problem for Salma and she headed out to the island by walking along the frame of the bridge with a slightly nervous Cindy following behind. As usual, Salma was full of mischief and decided to climb up the ladder to the roof of the cafe and take a spectacular pee off the top of the ladder. Cindy soon needed to pee as well but suddenly all the people on the beach decided to follow the girls' example and make their way across the incomplete bridge. Before the island became completely swamped with people, Cindy made her way round to the back of the building, sat down and released a pee torrent on to the concrete, leaving a huge pee soaked area. The girls then struggled back across the bridge weaving their way past the family groups who now seemed to be fascinated by the little island.

Chapter 6) The girls left the island and made their way to a small cafe at the road end. As it was pre-season, only take away sales were available and so the girls bought some drinks and sat on the terrace. When they asked to use the toilet they were told that it was closed and so Salma decided to pee on the terrace (being spotted by a passing motorist) and then Cindy followed suit and took a real gusher on to the floor. The girls returned to Cindy’s hotel and Salma rushed to the bathroom to pee. She teased Cindy by peeing in her bath rather than using the toilet. Later, when they were standing on the balcony, Cindy announced that she needed to pee urgently and made to go to the bathroom. For a joke, Salma rushed inside and closed the door, shutting Cindy outside. Cindy pleaded with Salma to open the door but naughty Salma refused and so Cindy peed a flood on to the balcony.