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Filmed during late summer in Mallorca, the title is perhaps slightly incorrect as although there was lots of sunshine, there were also a few torrential downpours, which made for some great scenes. The movie was filmed entirely using professional High Definition cameras.

The viewer is invited to join three fabulous, fun-loving girls, Salma, Susana & Leticia, and spend a few days with them in their Mallorcan villa. They enjoy the sun, play by the pool, walk in the gardens but they decided to have even more fun by making a pact to pee anywhere they wanted during the stay. In the course of the movie, they pee 26 times in a variety of locations. Running time is 1 hour 6 minutes.

Ch 1. After relaxing around the pool for a while, the girls took a break to have some lunch on the terrace. They had been drinking lots of bottled water during the morning and Salma was the first to need to pee. She walked out on to the terrace, threw off the towel, which she was wearing and took an exuberant pee on to the terrace. Salma had barely returned to the table before Leticia needed to go. Leticia shed her towel, walked out, and sat on the terrace steps before taking a huge arcing pee on to the tiles. Finally, Susana decided to go and walked out on to the lower terrace before standing and peeing a flood on to the flagstones.

Ch 2. As the rain was pouring down, Susana had been lying on her bed resting. She awoke needing to pee and hurried over to the main building. As everyone had gone out, the door was locked and so Susana braved the rain again to go and squat by the parked car and pee on the drive. Later, Salma emerged naked from her room to pee outside. The rain was falling in torrents and so Salma decided just to pee in one of the planters on the covered terrace. She crouched down, lifted her leg in a strange doggy style and peed a long stream on to the plants. Leticia had been having some lunch on the covered terrace and when she needed to pee, made to go indoors, but as the nearest door was locked and she did not want to cross the rain swept terrace, Leticia sat on the step and peed a fountain on to the tiled floor. Later in the day, the weather was rather cooler and so Leticia had swapped her skimpy outfit for a woollen dress and to alleviate her boredom was wandering around the villa garden. The chill air made Leticia feel the need to pee and so she sat on the steps leading to the roof terrace and sent a long arc of pee down towards the patio below.

Ch 3. Susana was bored and went for a walk in the lane. After a while, she became desperate to pee and squatted in the lane, leaving an impressive pee puddle. Salma also had gone for a walk in the garden and needed to pee as she returned to the house. She stopped on the porch outside of the house doors and peed on to the flagstones. Susan & Leticia had gone for a drive and returned to the villa as the rain lashed down in torrents. They had been bursting to pee for ages and could not wait a minute longer, after getting out of the car. To avoid being soaked, whilst they peed, they raised the tailgate of the car and jumped into the luggage area, from where they peed great arcs on the rain-soaked flagstones.

Ch 4. Salma returned to the villa during a torrential downpour. Salma did not mind getting wet as she was only wearing a flimsy white dress. In fact, she danced around in rain, before squatting down and sending a jet of pee up into the air, before it crashed down on to the water covered flagstones. Salma finished peeing and cavorted around in the puddles, before returning to the house. The weather returned to normal and Leticia decided to take her morning shower outdoors. She showered and shaved in the open, before taking a huge gushing pee on to the floor. Salma was wandering around the exterior of the house and, when she needed to pee, ascended the steps to the roof terrace and took an exuberant pee, which left the terrace soaked. Leticia had been down to the village for lunch and a drink with a couple of friends and returned to the villa, needing to pee. There was no one around and so she just squatted and peed on the terrace.

Ch 5. The sun was shining and Susana & Leticia were in a playful mood. When they needed to pee, they headed out to the garden, stood side by side with their legs wide apart and their dresses pulled up and peed torrents on to the grass. With the sun shining, Salma was also in a silly mood and she played on the swing. When she needed to pee, she just opened her legs and peed from the swing. Later, Leticia was enjoying the warmth and sunbathing naked by the pool and when she needed to be, she decided to be really naughty and squatted down by the edge of the pool and released an arc of pee into the pool.

Ch 6. Susana took a break from sunbathing to stroll around the garden and when she needed to pee, she just stood by the entrance to the driveway and peed an arc on to the gravel. Leticia had been partying in town and spent the night at a friend’s flat. She returned to the villa in the early morning, still wearing her party dress. She was desperate for a pee but all the shutters were shut, as everyone else was still asleep. Leticia decided that she would water one of the flower planters and took a long pee on to the flowers. The next day an early visitor arrives and Salma encourages him to wake up Susana & Leticia. Still half asleep, the girls stagger out and pee on the outer terrace.

Ch 7. Salma was resting on a sun lounger by the pool and when she needed to pee, she simply walked over to the steps leading to the garden and took a huge arcing pee from the top step, into the garden. Salma needed to pee and headed into one of the bathrooms but instead of peeing in the toilet, she jumped up and straddled the hand basin, before peeing a forceful stream. Susana completes the movie by peeing on the floor of the shower room.

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We are delighted to offer the 4th Volume in our popular Pee Medley series. Volume 4 features Petra, Sam, Renee, Yvette, Juliette and Vicky. Running time is approx 90 minutes and includes 36 pee scenes, including three scenes from Yvette, which have not been previously released.

Chapter 1) In Vicky’s only appearance for Projectpee, we see her waiting for a friend by the entrance to a business park. Desperate to pee, she hurries inside the park and pees a flood on the pavement. Next, we present Petra’s debut scene and see her returning from watching the televised World Cup final with some friends in a bar. The celebration drinks are pressing on Petra’s bladder and we see her take a quick detour to relieve her desperation. We join Yvette & Juliette on a rather windy day and see first Yvette pee in view of the workers at a sand pit. We find Sam & Renee arriving in a car park under the shopping mall. Sam is desperate to pee and rushes out to pee on the pavement. She is in view of passing traffic, including a truck driver who sounds his horn and she just manages to finish before more people arrive in the car park. We return to the sand pit and see Juliette take a turn to pee by the flagpole. Renee heads down to pee near to the rail track but has to wait until a curious passerby moves on and then she is caught squatting by the crew of passing trains.

Chapter 2) Two scenes from Petra’s visit to the grounds of a magnificent palace. I the first scene, a very desperate Petra takes a long pee on a flight of steps. In the second scene, Petra walks into one of the ornamental water features and adds her pee to the pond water. Staying with the water theme, we see Sam & Renee walking down to a lake. Sam takes off her shoes and walks into the water before pulling up her skirt and taking a huge pee into the lake. Next, we have three scenes from Yvette. In the first scene, we see Yvette walking in the Bavarian forest and stopping to pee against a tree and then we see Yvette peeing whilst sitting on a picnic table. Finally, we see Yvette pause halfway across a motorway bridge and take a huge pee on the footpath.

Chapter 3) Sam & Renee are playing ‘crazy golf’. Renee is quite good but Sam is hopeless at the game, soon becomes bored and amuses herself by peeing in front of one of the tunnels that Renee’s ball must pass through. Next, as both she and Renee need to pee, Sam challenges Renee to a peeing contest and they sit and pee on the golf ‘course’. Sam wins the peeing contest but Renee wins the golf. Sam is in a furniture store looking for a new sofa. She needs to pee but cannot be bothered going to the Ladies and heads into a Gents toilet. She does not like the look of the dirty toilet and just pees in the hand basin. Yvette & Juliette are travelling and share a hotel room. Yvette returns to the room, desperate to pee but finds Juliette already using the toilet. Too desperate to wait, Yvette climbs up and pees into the sink. Later the roles are reversed when Juliette returns to the room to find Yvette using the toilet. Juliette decides to use the shower instead. Sam has to pee before leaving the furniture store and this time manages to find the Ladies toilet, where she takes a very badly needed pee.

Chapter 4) We join Petra as she walks home across town and see her make a quick diversion into a park to take a long and very much-needed pee on to a flight of steps. Petra carries her journey but before too long she badly needs to pee again and seeing some portable toilets in a play area heads in their direction. However, they are fenced off and so Petra makes do with peeing in a corner by an outdoor table tennis table. With only a short way to go, Petra had to stop again and this time headed into a school, which was in course of a renovation. She went into the toilet block but all the fittings had been removed and so she peed on the floor. As she left, she noticed a sign indicating that this was the boys’ toilet. Next, we see Sam emerging from an underpass, desperate to pee. Possibly encouraged by the graffiti mentioning piss, Sam squatted down and took a very forceful pee. Finally, we see Sam & Renee walking in a park, which is next to a busy road. Renee is desperate to pee and ignoring the passing traffic takes what cover she can from the trunk of a tree whilst she stands and pees a flood on to the ground below. She must have flooded an ant colony as swarms of ants emerged from a hole and swam for their lives through the pee puddle.

Chapter 5) This chapter features a selection of six scenes from Yvette. The first two were filmed in response to customers’ requests. In the first scene, a nude Yvette climbs on the bonnet of her car and pees over the car. Yvette is nude in the second scene, where she pees on a pile of timber at the roadside. The third scene has never been released in the and features Yvette seated at picnic table peeing whilst she drinks a bottle of orange juice. The next scene shows Yvette arriving at a public toilet, which is closed and peeing on the pavement outside the door. The final two scenes have not been released and the first shows Yvette seated on the rail of a bridge and peeing as traffic passes on the main road whilst the final scene shows Yvette, wearing only a coat, boots and a hat, peeing from the side door of her MPV as traffic passes.

Chapter 6) The first scene shows Renee getting out of her car in the supermarket car park and taking a long pee from a standing position by the car door. Next, we see Sam & Renee visiting a railway museum. The girls split up to look at various exhibits and Renee pees on the track in front of a locomotive. Sam wanders into one of the carriages and sits down before peeing on the opposite seat and floor of the carriage. Before leaving Sam climbs up into the cab of one of the old steam locos and takes a huge arcing pee from the footplate. The last two scenes of the movie feature Petra, who has been window- shopping in a shopping precinct. She pees openly outside a shop and then carries on looking in the windows. Before leaving the precinct, she takes a very long and very public pee on the pavement.


PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 0
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 1
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 2
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 3
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 4
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 5
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 6
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 7
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 8
PJP-31 Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2 9

Volume 2 begins with Salma collecting Cindy to continue exploring the island. By now, Cindy has acquired Salma’s naughty (but nice) ways and they engage in even more outrageous peeing and exhibitionist adventures. This movie runs for approx 57 minutes and contains 28 pee scenes.

Chapter 1) The day starts quietly with the girls stopping for a pee at a well-used rest area. They were certainly not the first to stop her for this purpose as the wooded area was littered with used tissues and stank of pee. In fact, the smell was so bad that Salma crossed to the other side of the road to pee in the bushes. By the time Salma finished, various other cars had stopped and so Cindy had to scramble over the rocks to find a quiet place to pee. The weather was warming up and so the girls changed into short summer dresses and headed on to the next cafe and gift shop. The cafe had not opened for the day and the girls were desperate to pee. Salma just stood in the busy car park and peed forcefully on to the ground. Cindy moved round to the slight cover offered by a low wall and peed a flood on to the car park.

Chapter 2) The girls pulled into a petrol station but as it was Easter Sunday, the station was closed. Salma needed to pee and was in an even wilder mood than usual and insisted on climbing up on to one of the petrol pumps and peeing backwards on to the forecourt. Cindy was rather less agile than Salma and settled for putting one foot on another pump and spraying a torrent on to the concrete. The girls arrived at a small village on the coastal road but could not find a place to park until they were about to drive out of the far end of the village. Desperate to pee, Salma rushed from the car to a small building, which looked like it may have been a toilet block. It is, in fact, the old water supply from pre-internal plumbing days and Salma decided to use it as a toilet. Cindy came down to pee as well and took cover in the building whilst peeing in the outflow. The girls carried on driving but by the time they reached the next village, Salma was at bursting point as she pulled off the road on to a piece of waste ground. As soon as she stopped the car, Salma opened the driver’s door, swung her legs out and released a torrent of pee on to the ground. They headed off to look for a cafe but Cindy had reached bursting point and after several aborted attempts to find somewhere to pee, she eventually stood on the entrance steps to a house and delivered probably one of the most impressive pees from the movie.

Chapter 3) Whilst out driving, Salma badly needed to pee and turned off the main road and into a side road where she stopped the car. Instead of bothering to get out of the car, Salma simply pushed her bottom out of the driver’s window and took a gushing pee on to the road, just managing to finish before a car drove past. Cindy managed to hold on for a little longer until they stopped to look at a newly constructed villa. Cindy decided to christen the new property by peeing from the top of the stairway down into the courtyard below. The girls parked with the intention of taking the bus down to the beach but Cindy was desperate to pee and so she sat on the bench at the bus stop and peed a flood whilst the traffic drove past. Salma was also desperate and so headed over to the nearby woodland and peed against at large tree,

Chapter 4) The girls arrived at a large, outdoor restaurant on the edge of a nature reserve. Incredibly, there were no public toilets at the restaurant and people could be seen wandering furtively into the wooded areas. Salma had no such reservations, stopped on the main stairs, and peed a flood from a standing position. Cindy was rather more discrete and walked off the main path before sitting on the wall and peeing a torrent. The girls ordered a couple of beers and lunch and sipped on their beers whilst lunch was being prepared. However, their bladders reached the bursting point before lunch was ready and so they strolled round to a large stone building at the entrance to the nature reserve and first Cindy and then Salma took gushing pees in the doorways. The girls ate lunch and then headed back to their car but Salma needed to pee again and so she ducked behind the shed, which housed the dustbins and took a long pee.

Chapter 5) Salma took Cindy to a tranquil beach that she knew. It was on the edge of a National Park and so they had to leave their car and walk down towards the beach. By the time they had walked half the distance they were both desperate to pee and ended up sitting on a little bridge over a stream where first Cindy and then Salma took long arcing pees into the water. Salma finished abruptly as two female park police arrived and you can just hear a strident voice speaking in Spanish at the end of the scene when one of the officers gave Salma a dressing down for behaving inappropriately in a National Park. They followed the girls around for the rest of the time and so Salma & Cindy curtailed their visit to the beach and headed back to the car. Later that day the girls drove to another village and stopped for a drink and a cafe bar. Unabashed by her earlier encounter with the police, Salma decided to climb up a tree and pee from the branches on to the bar terrace. Cindy took a less energetic option and peed through the wicker chair on to the terrace floor. After realising a neighbour was watching from his windows, the girls thought it prudent to leave and drove back to Palma. On arriving at Palma harbour Salma was desperate to pee but the area was very busy and she was thwarted time after time. Finally, she was able to pee by the cover of a palm tree but had to stop and wait for more people to pass before being able to finish her pee.

Chapter 6) The girls arrived back at Cindy’s hotel in the early evening and, as it was Cindy’s last day on the island, they took a final stroll on the beach in front of the hotel. Cindy was bursting for a pee and squatted down on the waterline and peeing into the wavelets that lapped around her feet. Salma headed off to look at a strange rock formation, which almost formed a gateway to the bay. She needed to pee but had to wait until she was out of view of a man watching her from the beach. As soon as she could, Salma squatted down and peed an arcing stream into the sea. The girls got ready in Salma’s room before going out for their evening meal. Cindy was having a shower, Salma needed to pee, and so she decided to play a joke on Cindy by peeing in the tray from her fridge. Later Salma was in the shower and Cindy wanted to go into the bathroom to pee but Salma would not let Cindy in. Cindy then peed inside the wardrobe and left Salma to mop up the mess.

PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 0
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 1
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 2
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 3
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 4
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 5
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 6
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 7
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 8
PJP-30  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 1 9

Filmed over Easter 2006 in sunny Mallorca the movie features favourite Spanish model accompanied by her guest, German model Cindy, follows their adventures as Salma shows Cindy round the island, and includes some very naughty scenes in Cindy’s hotel room. Always full of fun and a natural exhibitionist, Salma is on top form and does not take long to convert Cindy to her wild ways. The movie runs for approximately 76 minutes and contains 28 pee scenes.

Chapter 1) The girls arrived at a seafront cafe but it is just about to open for the day and so the girls had to wait a few minutes. Salma is desperate for a pee and rather than wait, she scrambled down the hillside and peed right in front of the cafe terrace. Next, the girls wandered around the usual gift shops for a while but soon Cindy was desperate to pee. Cindy was a little shyer than Salma (but not for long, Salma soon led her astray) and tried to find a quiet corner by a boat, which is being stored in a parking area. She just managed to finish peeing before someone came out to ask what she is doing. Salma also needed to pee but had to wait until they were a little way down the road before she dropped her jeans and peed in the gutter of the main street.

 Chapter 2) The girls headed inland and stopped by a phone box as Cindy had forgotten to charge her mobile phone and wanted to ring home. After making her call, Cindy looked for a toilet but as she could not find one she walked into a field and squatted down for an urgent pee. Despite Cindy’s effort to be discreet, she was still seen by the occupants of a passing car. As they returned to the car Salma decided that she needed to pee and, having no reservations about being seen, simply squatted by the phone booth and peed a flood. The girls carried on driving inland until they reached a parking area by an ancient water pump. Salma climbed over the pump and took a huge arcing pee into the field below. With a little encouragement from Salma, Cindy followed and released a gushing pee, which splashed on to the stones below. The girls arrived at a coastal town had had to park some distance from the harbour. Cindy was absolutely bursting and peed at the top of the road, ignoring the barking from the dogs in nearby properties. As soon as Cindy finished, Salma lost no time in squatting down in front of a lock-up door and released a long stream of pee, which ran off down the hill towards the harbour.  

Chapter 3) The girls walked down to the harbour area and spent some time looking at the clothes shops. Salma badly needed to pee and so they headed along to the end of the promenade, where she thought that a toilet was located. As the toilet was closed, Salma simply took a few steps down the stairway that led to the shore, squatted down and released a huge arc of pee on the worn treads. Cindy was concerned by the number of people around and so walked down to a small cellar or cave under the promenade but the smell of fish was so strong that she would not go in. She headed back to pee on the steps but had to stop abruptly as a man was watching her intently. (This part of the scene is shown in the ‘out-takes’ at the end of volume 2). The girls sat down to eat a snack and the guy lost interest and moved on, allowing Cindy to take a much-needed pee on the steps. Before the headed off, Salma had to pee again and this time she walked right down to the water’s edge and peed into the sea. Salma took Cindy to see the ‘dragon’s tail’; a windy promontory at the foot of the island. By the time, that they arrived Cindy was desperate to pee and, unconcerned about the other visitors wandering around the area, she took a huge gushing pee at the edge of the cliff, leaving a big wet area on the flagstones. Ever the showgirl, Salma stepped up on to low wall surrounding the lighthouse and peed on the ground below from a standing position, finishing just as more visitors appeared.

Chapter 4) The girls headed back towards Puerto Andraitx but stopped before reaching the town as they both needed to pee. Salma remembered that there was a sports club nearby and so the girls walked there. However, the club was closed for renovation, so Cindy peed a torrent on to the squash court, and Salma took an exuberant pee from the terrace, send an arc of pee spraying down on the courts below. It took forever to find a parking place in Puerto Andraitx and both girls were absolutely bursting by the time that they got out of the car. Salma ignored passing traffic and peed all over the pavement by the open car door. Cindy waited until some pedestrians had passed before peeing a torrent on to the road. They then walked down to the harbour and headed for Salma’s yacht. By the time they reached the yacht, they were desperate to pee and Salma hurried aboard and rushed down to the toilet, where she peed for ages. Cindy was unsure about the unsteady boarding plank and Salma had to go back and encourage Cindy to board the yacht. Finally, Cindy walked aboard and was able to take a much-needed pee in the yacht toilet.

Chapter 5) The girls spent some time on the yacht and then strolled along the pier, admiring the view out to sea. Salma needed to pee again but could not be bothered going all the way back to the yacht and so she peed in an alcove in the pier wall. Cindy was about to follow Salma’s example but several groups of people appeared and so she climbed over the wall and down on to the rocks to take a very forceful pee into the sea. Salma then took Cindy along the coast to a nice beach with an unusual feature, a cafe set on a small island some way out from the beach. Unfortunately, the cafe was not due to reopen for the season until later in the month and so the decking on the bridge leading out to the island was not in place. This was not a problem for Salma and she headed out to the island by walking along the frame of the bridge with a slightly nervous Cindy following behind. As usual, Salma was full of mischief and decided to climb up the ladder to the roof of the cafe and take a spectacular pee off the top of the ladder. Cindy soon needed to pee as well but suddenly all the people on the beach decided to follow the girls' example and make their way across the incomplete bridge. Before the island became completely swamped with people, Cindy made her way round to the back of the building, sat down and released a pee torrent on to the concrete, leaving a huge pee soaked area. The girls then struggled back across the bridge weaving their way past the family groups who now seemed to be fascinated by the little island.

Chapter 6) The girls left the island and made their way to a small cafe at the road end. As it was pre-season, only take away sales were available and so the girls bought some drinks and sat on the terrace. When they asked to use the toilet they were told that it was closed and so Salma decided to pee on the terrace (being spotted by a passing motorist) and then Cindy followed suit and took a real gusher on to the floor. The girls returned to Cindy’s hotel and Salma rushed to the bathroom to pee. She teased Cindy by peeing in her bath rather than using the toilet. Later, when they were standing on the balcony, Cindy announced that she needed to pee urgently and made to go to the bathroom. For a joke, Salma rushed inside and closed the door, shutting Cindy outside. Cindy pleaded with Salma to open the door but naughty Salma refused and so Cindy peed a flood on to the balcony.

PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 0
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 1
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 2
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 3
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 4
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 5
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 6
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 7
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 8
PJP-23 Pee Medley Volume 2 9

The next selection of scenes from popular models Samantha, Renee, Yvette, Salma, Juliette and appearances from real-life sisters Helen & Kelly. Filming took place in the USA, Germany, England, Austria and Mallorca. The movie contains thirty pee scenes and runs for approx. 65 minutes

Chapter 1) we join Renee on her trip to the USA and see her strolling onto famous Venice Beach in California and taking a pee whilst seated on the sands. Later we see her return to her apartment, desperate to pee but unable to find her house keys. She simply takes a pee in the driveway. Next, we see Renee heading towards Nevada and stopping for a pee break in the fading light of evening. Finally, we join Renee in the Mohave Desert and see her stop for a much-needed pee.

Chapter 2) we rejoin Sam on a rainy day and see her stop to pee by the side of a busy road. Next, she conceals herself behind a large boulder to take a long pee from a standing position. A little further along she realises that she still needs to pee some more and repeats the performance by another boulder. We catch up with Yvette who is heading to a fetish-themed party with a group of friends. When they stop for a break, Yvette slips away and takes an urgent pee on some industrial plant. Still on the heath, Kelly is desperate for a pee but has to avoid groups of people before being able to find relief by a bench on the pathway.

Chapter 3) Sam & Renee arrive at a friend’s house on a snowy winter day. Their friend hasn’t returned yet and the girls are not too happy as they are very cold and desperate to pee. Renee can’t be bothered hanging around and just hitches up her skirt, pulls her panties out of the way and pees right on the front path. Sam is a little more discrete and walks around and pees outside the garage door. Out for a walk in the snowy forest, the girls need to stop for a pee and first Renee and then Sam take turns of peeing on the snow-covered path. Another snowy day finds the girls out walking again and this time when they need to pee, they stop and pee side by side on the pathway. In the final scenes, the girls have been out enjoying the snow and pause for a rest on the roadside bench before driving home. Sam needs to pee and as she is not wearing panties, just opens her legs wide and releases a huge arc of pee on to the ground in front. Renee thinks that she might as well do the same and slips off her panties and pees an impressive arc on to the ground.

Chapter 4) Back on Hampstead Heath, it’s Helen’s turn to need a pee and she squats over the dry leaves whilst sister Kelly keeps watch. Out for a walk with Yvette, Juliette needs to pee and hurries off the path to squat on the grass. Next, we find Yvette out in the snow again and stopping to pee at the edge of the village. In the sun again Yvette stops her car and takes cover by some disused industrial plant when she needs to pee again. The sun is shining brightly and Yvette and Juliette are enjoying it by paddling naked in a lake. The cold water makes Yvette need to pee and she stops and lets her pee trickle into the lake water.

Chapter 5) Yvette arrives at the shopping centre, desperate to pee. She is in too much of a hurry to wait to use one of the shop toilets and so pees in the gutter at the side of the building. Out for a walk in the country, Yvette becomes desperate and hurries off the path to take a gushing pee in the grass. Further on and Yvette needs to pee again but this time she doesn’t even bother going into the grass but just pees a gusher in the middle of the path. Yvette pulls off the autobahn and on to a side road and then hides down the embankment to take a huge pee. The final scene of this chapter does not include any peeing. Yvette & Juliette are walking together over a bridge over the motorway and Yvette decides to cool down by taking off her dress and walking naked across the bridge. The passing truckers seem to enjoy the show.

Chapter 6) Back in the cold Austrian winter we see Sam take a pee down a builders ramp at a friend’s house. Out in the sunshine Yvette needs to pee and squats down in a small parking area. Finally, we have a long sequence following Salma as she enjoys the grounds of a German palace. When she needs to pee, she is very naughty and pees inside one of the buildings.