PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  0
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  1
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  2
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  3
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  4
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  5
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  6
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  7
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  8
PJP-61  Pee Medley - Volume 23  9

Featuring Alicia, Denise, Linda Rush, Ling, Lucia, Nikki, Rachel Evans, Salma de Nora and Tiffany in 30 separate scenes which include some really risky public peeing and a very naughty pee duet from Salma & Lucia in Chapter 6. Running time is circa 60 minutes of pee-soaked fun.

Pee Medley - Volume 21  0
Pee Medley - Volume 21  1
Pee Medley - Volume 21  2
Pee Medley - Volume 21  3
Pee Medley - Volume 21  4
Pee Medley - Volume 21  5
Pee Medley - Volume 21  6
Pee Medley - Volume 21  7
Pee Medley - Volume 21  8
Pee Medley - Volume 21  9

We are delighted to be able to offer Pee Medley 21, the first episode of our trilogy of new movies. Featuring, Cynthia Vellons, Daniela, Denise, Donna-Jo, Katharina, Linda Rush, Ling, Nikki, Rachele Evans, Salma de Nora & Tiffany, in 30 separate scenes filmed in Germany, Budapest, Prague, Mallorca, the Netherlands and Madeira, Volume 21 provides over an hour of pee packed viewing pleasure.

Due to much-improved download speeds, we are pleased to have been able to increase the resolution and file size of the movies to enhance your viewing experience.

PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 0
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 1
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 2
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 3
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 4
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 5
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 6
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 7
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 8
PJP-58 Pee Medley Volume 20 9

The trilogy concludes with Pee Medley Volume 20. Volume 20 runs for just over 60 minutes and in keeping with its title, includes scenes from 20 girls, some familiar and some making their debut appearances on Projectpee movies, like Linda Rush, whose scene was filmed at the end of January 2014.

Adison, Anna, Denise, Genie, Honey, Jana, Jenna, Jenny, Leticia, Linda Rush, Ling, Lucia, Natly. Nikki, Rachel Evans, Salma, Sam, Tiffany & Yassie.

Filming was carried out in Germany, Vienna, Budapest, Madeira, Mallorca and Mexico.

Schlagworte: pissing, peeing, projectpee
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 0
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 1
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 2
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 3
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 4
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 5
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 6
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 7
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 8
PJP-57  Pee Medley Volume 19 9

The wet adventures continue with Pee Medley Volume 19. Volume 19 runs for 60 minutes and features 16 girls.

Ariana, Genie, Jana, Jenny, Julia, Kathy, Kima, Ling, Lucia, Mercia, Nikki, Rachel Evans, Salma, Susana, Tiffany & Yassie.

Filming was carried out in various German locations, Vienna, Mallorca and Mexico.

Schlagworte: peeing, pissing, public, teen
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 0
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 1
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 2
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 3
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 4
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 5
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 6
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 7
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 8
PJP-56 Pee Medley Volume 18 9

We are delighted to bring you Pee Medley Volume 18, the first volume of our latest trio of DVD releases.

Volume 18 runs for 75 minutes and features 12 great girls,

Adriana, Anna, Kathy, Kima, Ling, Lucia, Natly, Nikki, Rachel Evans, Salma, Tiffany & Yassie.

Filming was carried out in several German cities and towns, Vienna and Mallorca.

Schlagworte: peeing, pissing, projectpee
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 0
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 1
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 2
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 3
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 4
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 5
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 6
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 7
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 8
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 9

We are delighted to offer volume 10 of our popular Pee Medley series, featuring no less than 10 girls in 26 fantastic pee scenes, filmed in various locations in Germany, including Berlin and around Budapest and Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Featuring crazy German girls, Jenny & Julia, more mature Berlin girl Heike, Kasha & Kathy, in very daring mode, fabulous Monika and sizzling Zsofia from Hungary, Stella with new girl Veni and last but certainly not least, stunning Yassie. This movie features some of our most daring and naughty scenes ever, including Kathy peeing on the floor of the University and in the kitchen display of a department store.

Pee Medley Volume 10 is has a running time of 70 minutes and for convenience of viewing is divided into 6 chapters.

Chapter 1 features Kathy stopping for a pee, whilst out roller skating, Heike pausing to pee in a Berlin street, the first of several very naughty indoor pees from Kasha who pees in the staircase of a multi-story car park and finally a very desperate pee in a parking bay of the main street by Jenny.

Chapter 2 opens with Stella peeing by a recycling bin adjacent to a busy main road. Kathy takes a long pee on the steps of a run-down former municipal building in East Berlin. Desperate Heike pees right outside the window of a store in a Berlin shopping precinct. We meet Stella & Veni out walking the dog and first Veni and then Stella pee in a quiet street.

Chapter 3 opens with delightful Monika taking a pee on a jetty overlooking beautiful Lake Balaton. In the rather less glamorous setting of urban east Berlin, Heike takes a desperate gushing pee a couple of metres away from the entrance to an apartment block, regardless of people coming and going in the vicinity. Julia & Jenny need to pee and slip into a VW car dismantling business. First Jenny and then Julia take spectacular gushing pees on to the concrete before realising that they were in view of people across the yard. They burst out laughing and run off.

Chapter 4 opens with another appearance from Kathy, who pees right outside the doors of the library when she finds the building closed. Next, we see Yassie hurrying towards a supermarket entrance, obviously very desperate to pee. She doesn’t make it as far as the entrance and stops to take a huge gushing pee in a little shelter designed to keep the trolleys dry. Next, we see Kasha, desperate to pee but not wanting to wait to use the toilet in the furniture warehouse and so just going around the side and peeing by the goods entrance. Finally, Stella takes a detour into the park to pee on the pathway, just inside the entrance.

Chapter 5 opens with Veni and Stella out dog walking again. They need to pee and so head into a rather neglected looking builders yard, where Veni pulls down her skirt and panties and pees on a sheet of metal, which is lying on the ground. The girls switch custody of the dog and Stella takes a turn to pee on the metal sheet. Next, on a lovely summer day, Monika takes a walk along the scenic river bank. She stops to take a leisurely pee on the path and finishes just in time as a group of students appear on the opposite bank of the river. Next an incredibly daring scene from Kathy who pees on the floor of the university basement, despite there being dozens of students milling around at the top of the stairs. Finally, we see cute Zsofia take a detour from the suburban Budapest street to pee beside a house in course of a renovation.

Chapter 6 starts with an even more daring scene from Kathy, who pees on the carpeted floor of a kitchen display in a department store. Back in the outdoors again, Stella heads into the park with the intention of using the toilets. However, as there is no one around, she just takes a seat in the gazebo and pees on the floor. As she walked home along the busy main road, Kasha needed to pee. As we know, she is not a girl who waits around to find a toilet and so she just walked into a yard and peed on the cobbled surface. For the final scene of the movie we revisit the splendid architecture of Budapest and see Monika pee in a massive doorway, which is a lasting legacy from the city's historic past. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot another legacy from the more recent past in the form of a Trabant parked in the square.

PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 0
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 1
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 2
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 3
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 4
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 5
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 6
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 7
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 8
PJP-19 Katharina - Karneval & Beyond 9

Featuring Katharina, a very popular Projectpee model, this very special movie was filmed over several months during 2005. In the first two chapters, we accompany Kathy as she enjoys the local Karneval and then we catch up with her a couple of times later in the year, by which time she is expecting a baby. The last scenes were filmed before Kathy went on ‘maternity leave’ and we are pleased to say that she had a little boy at the end of last year. Kathy has not filmed during 2006 but we hope that she might return and do some more filming for us next year.

The video runs for 1 hour 28 minutes and includes 24 pee scenes.

Chapter 1)

We find Kathy in her local town in Karneval mood. After a while, she needs a pee and slips away from the crowds to take a huge pee on a brick staircase. A few beers later we see her slip away again and this time she takes a gushing pee and leaves a flood in a side street a few yards away from the celebrations.

Later, the need to pee becomes imperative again and she heads down a flight of stairs to a basement. She is not the only one in this predicament; if you watch closely you will see a group of people passing behind as Kathy is about to go down the steps. A girl rushes away from the group to pee in a corner (not on film, unfortunately). Kathy leaves a flood in the basement. For her next pee emergency, Kathy takes cover by the door of a lock-up garage.

Chapter 2)

Celebrations are still going strong and Kathy takes a rather naughty pee on the sales forecourt of a builder’s merchant, right between a couple of new sheds on display.

As she follows the processions she has to dive away again and this time takes a huge gushing pee in a carport.

A little further along the route, she takes a detour into a small park and pauses to pee in the middle of the path. Crossing town she uses an underpass and takes advantage of the cover to flood the staircase with pee.

Finally, before leaving for home Kathy is very naughty and climbs up on to a preserved steam engine and pees off the walkway.

Chapter 3)

Kathy is now an expectant mother and taking life a bit easier. She spends a lot of time relaxing in the parks and enjoying the peace while she still can. Of course, she needs to pee more than previously and so has to make frequent emergency stops. In the first scene, we see her hide beside some wheelie bins to take a long pee. Next, we see her flood a flight of steps and, as she has no tissues, use a couple of leaves to wipe. We see Kathy stop on take a pee on the path and peeing under a flight of stairs.

Chapter 4)

Another park and another emergency for Kathy and we find her having to take a pee in a corner by a waste bin. Next, we see her take a pee by a tree a little way from a travelling fair.The next scene shows Kathy engaging in some rather interesting multi-tasking. As she is now “eating for two” she is snacking on a large burger and manages to take a pee, using one hand to pull up her skirt and pull the crotch of her panties whilst keeping her burger out of harm's way with the other hand. The last scene in the chapter finds Kathy using a window opening in an ancient wall as a makeshift toilet.


Chapter 5)

For once, desperate Kathy is in luck and finds a public toilet at the car park where she left her car. However, it’s coin operated and Kathy has come out without her purse, leaving her with no choice other to pee in the car park.

Kathy decided to visit the museum in the old fortifications, which used to surround the city. The museum is closed for renovations and so Kathy takes a pee on the doorstep. She relaxes for a while near the pond and then when she’s desperate to pee again she uses one of the ancient doorways in the fortification.

Out for a walk around town, Kathy becomes desperate and takes a pee in the street behind a building.


Chapter 6)

In our final outing with Kathy, we find her arriving too early for the restaurant and so she takes a pee around the back whilst she waits for it to open. We next see Kathy round the back of an hotel pissing gallons onto the roadway. Finally, we join Kathy for another desperation pee in the street.

PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 0
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 1
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 2
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 3
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 4
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 5
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 6
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 7
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 8
PJP-13 Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Volume 2 PAL 9

Volume 2 Consists of 6 Chapters with a total of 27 pees plus the two scenes from the faulty tape.

Chapter 1)

The rain is pouring down and the girls are wandering through a village taking whatever shelter they can find. They are desperate to pee and whilst Katharina acts as lookout Gina pees in the comfort of a garage. They change places and Katharina leaves a huge puddle on the floor.

Returning to the seafront the girls walk along the wind and rain swept esplanade. Gina pees on the already soaking paving and then Katharina makes the paving even wetter.

The girls separate to do some gift shopping and we see Katharina peeing on the pavement in front of a closed shop. Gina needs to pee and slips up a side street to pee on the road.

Chapter 2)

The girls continue their exploration despite the weather and when they both need to pee they slip into the garage under a block of flats and leave huge puddles in either corner. With the weather a little better they walk along the coastline and Katharine takes a pee off the cliff side. Gina manages to wait until they are coming back into town before using a phone box as a convenient toilet.We find the girls returning from their evening meal and deciding to stop off at a bar for a drink and an opportunity to use the toilet. The bar is closed and so they don’t get their drink but they do pee in the porch.

Chapter 3)

With the weather, a bit brighter the girls drive out into the country again and their first stop is near to an old windmill. Kathy pauses to pee on a cactus plant whilst Gina soaks a rock. They move on and stop by an old barn where first Kathy and then Gina take much-needed pees.

 Chapter 4)

The girls head back to the seafront and Kathy takes a pee on a flight of steps. Gina finds a secluded corner and takes a long pee as well. Later we find the girls heading down a steeply sloping lane leading to the sea. Kathy can’t wait any longer and takes a huge pee, which runs off down the lane. Gina waits until she is at the bottom of the lane before peeing on the terrace.

 Chapter 5)

The girls are doing some exploring on their own and we find Gina walking across a windswept park. She needs to pee and so jumps up on a stone bench to keep her feet clear of the pee stream. Kathy takes cover in an ancient staircase leading to the sea and floods the steps. Later Gina heads down to the Club Nautico to get a warming coffee and use the toilet but finds it closed. She simply pees on the terrace outside the front door. The girls meet up again and take a walk along the seafront. Kathy is desperate to pee and takes a huge standing pee by a bridge.

 Chapter 6)

The weather has improved a little and the girls are determined to make the most of the remainder of their break. They continue their walk along the seashore and Gina pauses to take a pee on the pavement. Later they take their last drive in the country and stop for a pee break. Kathy and then Gina take turns to pee by the roadside. Back in town and having done their packing they take a farewell walk along the esplanade. Gina stops to pee in a phone kiosk and then Kathy attempts to refill an empty pool outside a hotel.

We also include out-takes from a section of damaged tape. Unfortunately, two excellent pee scenes in an underground garage were spoilt by a technical problem but parts are still watchable. Please note that it is the original footage of this scene that is faulty, not the download file.


PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 0
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 2
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 3
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 4
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 5
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 6
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 7
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 8
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 9

Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 2 


This is the second volume, again featuring Katharina, Isabelle, Gina and Joanne. If you enjoyed the first volume you will love the second. The movie is divided into 5 sequences and contains 23 varied pee scenes. Sometimes shy, sometimes very naughty

Isabelle pees in the doorway of a disused gatehouse, Katharina takes a huge pee on the steps at the rear entrance to a supermarket, Gina pees on a wooden bench and Isabelle peeing between a couple of trucks.

Sequence 1 begins with Joanne taking a pee on a loading ramp of a warehouse,

Sequence 2 finds Isabelle peeing on a railway line, Katharina taking a pee on a piece of site equipment, Katharina slips out of her tight jogging gear to take a pee, Katharina pees standing up whilst out jogging and Isabelle pees in a garden centre.

Sequence 3 finds Gina taking a pee by the entrance to the University, Katharina takes a pee on the railway tracks, Isabelle pees standing behind a container, Katharine pees against a tree and finally whilst seated at a bus stop.

Sequence 4 finds Katharina peeing by a lake, Isabelle peeing down the steps to the river, Gina having a sneaky pee in a basement area and Joanne creating a pee flood at a warehouse door.

Sequence 5 finds Katharina peeing behind a small preserved fragment of the Berlin Wall, Isabelle peeing by the car door as the traffic rushes past and concludes with Katharina peeing by the supermarket trolleys.


65:14 MinutenOutdoors, Peeing, Teen
PJP-03 0
PJP-03 1
PJP-03 2
PJP-03 3
PJP-03 4
PJP-03 5
PJP-03 6
PJP-03 7
PJP-03 8
PJP-03 9


Starring one of our early amateurs Carla, a lovely 19 yr old brunette, aided and abetted by her friend Kim and joined for a brief visit by Shelley. Filmed in a variety of picturesque and historical locations and consisting of 18 scenes, which include 30 gushing pees. You will be amazed by the volume of pee that such a petite girl as Carla can produce.

The opening scene finds Carla and Kim walking along a coastal path towards the local station. Kim has not had a chance to visit the toilet this morning and so she goes down onto the sand and relieves herself of about 12 hours worth of pent up pee.

We find the girls putting off time at a preserved mine working before catching their train and this time it is Carla that is desperate. Too shy to ask any of the staff if there is a toilet available she prefers to go behind a building and takes a huge pee on a concrete step.

We join the girls taking a walk down a country lane. Carla needs to pee and encouraged by Kim slips into a small park and pees on the grass while Kim keeps waits. Kim decides that she needs a pee as well and they change places, allowing Kim to take a big gusher on the path.

The girls visit a well-known castle. They climb to the top of the tower to admire the spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. They both need to pee and provide a couple of spectacular views of their own as they pee profusely at the top of the tower.

After their tour of the castle, the girls relax with a picnic and a bottle of wine at the base of the ancient walls. The only thing that is spoiling their relaxation is their desperate need to pee but they soon remedy that by peeing daringly under the very noses of the myriad of visitors.

This scene finds Kim walking home along a busy country road. She needs to pee and conceals herself behind a farm tanker in a lay-by.

Carla is very naughty and daring in this scene. Waiting for the train at the local station she is bursting for a pee and, with passengers on the platform, slips into the waiting room and does a huge pee on the floor.

The girls are waiting for their bus in a very public area and both are desperate to pee. They have to scramble out of sight behind some concrete bollards and squeeze themselves into a small corner where they squat side by side. Kim sprays pee out so hard that she splashes Carla’s feet.

Kim is heading to meet Carla and runs into Shelley whom she knows from school days. Shelley confesses to being desperate to pee but Kim has difficulty in persuading her to use the great outdoors. Finally, she reluctantly squats in the corner of an old railway wagon and leaves a messy puddle on the floor. Carla appears and all three girls go for a walk. Kim needs a pee and simply has a squat on an old brick staircase. Soon Carla is desperate as well and retreats into an old kiln where she gushes unbelievably on to the ancient dust floor.

Carla has borrowed her uncle’s rather smart BMW. She heads off to meet a couple of friends and of course show off the car. She needs a pee however and rather than spoil her grand arrival by having to rush off to the nearest toilet she slips into a quiet road end and has a pee behind the car door.

Later in the day Carla is out again in the BMW and so desperate for the toilet that she is nearly peeing her pants. She swings into the car park of a disused café and relieves herself in the corner and not a moment too soon judging by the torrent of pee.

Innocent as she might look, Carla can be a naughty girl at times and in this scene she hurries Kim out of the phone box in a lovely conservation village, not to use the phone but to do a huge pee in the box.

The girls arrive at the castle and spend a relaxing time walking around and sipping wine in the garden. The toilets are far away at the main entrance and Carla really needs to pee. The number of visitors makes it impossible to find a quiet corner and finally, she takes a real chance and pees in one of the old bedchambers. Kim is placed at the door to keep it shut and fortunately, she is both a substantially built and quick thinking girl as some tourists try to come into the room. She makes an excuse about filming and the tourists apologise and move on. This was not staged and gave us all a very nasty moment. We left an empty water bottle on the floor to try to disguise the origin of the huge puddle left there.

 Returning from their visit to the castle, all the liquid that they consumed as caught up with them again and they stop for a pee. The girls walk a good way up the path and take cover in the bushes.

Kim is waiting for Carla to pick her up in the car. Carla arrives but before she can continue has to dive into the car park for a pee. They drive off but Kim now regrets not having relieved herself at the same time and so Carla pulls into a lay-by and lets Kim have a pee by the wall.

Carla has arrived a little early to meet her friends and have a stroll in the country park. The park does not open for another 10 minutes or so and the toilets are inside. Carla can’t wait that long and finds a secluded corner to pee in. She does an incredibly forceful stream on to the ground, proving just how desperate she was.

Another castle visit for the girls and this time to a rather remote stronghold perched on a hillside. They have to leave the car at the foot of the hill and make their way up on foot. Kim needs a pee but they are in the open country and despite its remote location there are a lot of visitors in the area, Finally, they arrive at the ruin, which as no toilet facilities, and Kim has to perch on a broken ledge to keep out of sight while she pees. Once inside, Carla takes the opportunity to pee on the floor of a roofless chamber before more visitors arrive. Once outside Kim takes what cover she can by the back of the mighty walls and pees on an old step. The girls then make their way back to the car and Carla decides that she needs to relieve herself before driving away. She squats by the car door and starts to pee but suddenly two people appear. Carla stuffs her panties up under her short skirt and sits on the car seat trying to appear casual. How much they actually viewed we don’t know.

The girls are taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through the woods and Kim needs a pee. Kim assumes a high squat and does a gusher into a big puddle on the path. A little further on Carla takes advantage of the cover of an uprooted tree to squat prettily and pee in the shade.