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The second volume follows the girls as they make their way down the winding Riviera coastal road to the historic port of Genova and then on the fabulous harbour town of Portofino. After spending some time in Portofino, the girls enjoy a little more of the Riviera magic before the last tedious leg of their journey back to Pisa. The movie includes a couple of scenes which have not been released in the Members area of Projectpee. Running time is 60 minutes and includes a further 24 exciting and varied pee scenes.

Chapter 1

The girls set out from San Remo and headed down the coast towards Genova. Their first stop was at a smart yacht marina, where they hoped to visit the cafe for a cup of coffee and to use the toilet. However, the visitor centre was closed and so the girls walked along the quayside and Ewa squatted and peed by a moored yacht. After she had finished, Eve took her turn to pee a long arc into the harbour. The girls headed along to the next small town and walked along the waterfront area looking for a cafe. They were a little too early as the cafes were just starting to open up and so, as they were desperate to pee, they headed for the beach toilets. An iron grill covered the toilet door and so Ewa peed in the outdoor shower and after she had finished Eve peed into the long sink.

Chapter 2

The girls arrived in Genova and immediately became snarled up in the heavy traffic. They had to crawl through the narrow congested streets and Ewa became increasingly desperate to pee. Finally, she could wait no longer and Eve had to stop and let Ewa out of the car to pee in the gutter. Ewa started peeing but then had to stop as someone approached. As soon as he had passed, she resumed peeing until her bladder was finally empty. The girls carried on driving through Genova but soon Eve was bursting to pee and Ewa needed to go again. They turned in to a factory car park on the shoreline, intending to pee on the rocks but there were several people fishing and so Eve peed between the parked cars and Ewa followed, just managing to finish before one of the factory people came up from the beach to tell them that they were on private property.

Chapter 3

The girls finally managed to clear the heavy traffic and stopped for a break in a leisure area by the seashore. Eve rested by the car whilst Ewa walked along the busy promenade in search of a toilet. She reached the end of the promenade without finding a toilet and so walked out on to the rocks and sat on a large rock as if enjoying the sun. She peed steadily down the rock until a postal delivery worker appeared and she had to pull her skirt down and resume a sunbathing posture. Before setting off again, Eve needed to go and so removed her high-heeled shoes and walked barefoot across the rocks to the waterline. With her back to the other people sunbathing on the rocks, Eve opened her legs wide a peed a torrent on to the rocks. Unfortunately, there was a breeze blowing, which splashed the pee around and Eve had to walk back to the car with her legs glistening with pee. The girls set out again and were held up in more slow-moving traffic. They needed to pee before joining the autostrada and so pulled in to the station car park to look for a toilet. When Eve got out of the car, she was far too desperate to walk to the main station and rushed over to a lamppost and peed unto the circle of earth around its base. Ewa squatted down between the parked cars and peed for ages, just managing to finish before a lady walked past.

Chapter 4

Finally clear of Genova, the girls abandoned the coastal road and took the autostrada towards Portofino. They stopped at the last service area before their exit and finally managed to find a toilet. Eve took a long hard pee into the toilet and then was able to wash her hands and tidy up her make-up whilst Ewa took her turn to pee. The girls then went into the cafeteria for a coffee and sandwich before continuing their drive to Portofino. The autostrada took the girls high up into the mountains and after leaving it, they had a long winding descent towards Portofino. They needed to pee again and so stopped at a small car park in one of the villages en route. The small building, which they had taken to be a public toilet, was, in fact, a storage facility and so they walked up to the main street. The street was lined with houses but there was no sign of a toilet or cafe and so Ewa took cover in a corner of the bus shelter and squatted before peeing a flood on to the floor. Eve then took her turn and avoided stepping on to the pee flooded area by sitting on the bench. As she was in view of passing traffic, she peed through the slats of the bench, leaving the floor drenched in pee.

Chapter 5

The girls finally arrived in Portofino and parked in the municipal car park before setting out to explore the village. They managed to get lost in the myriad of tiny lanes and came to a dead-end. Eve badly needed to pee and decided to pee into the drain at the entrance to a courtyard. Unfortunately, her stream was too strong and arced over the drain and made a mess all over the cobbles. The girls found their way down to the harbour area and as Ewa was now desperate for a pee, followed signs, which pointed to the direction of the toilets. They did not find a toilet however and ended up at the foot of one of the many steep stairways that led to parts of the village perched on the hillside. They climbed a little way up the staircase and whilst Eve kept watch, Ewa peed a flood on to the stone steps, leaving them drenched with pee. The girls sat outside one of the harbour cafes and had ice cream and a couple of soft drinks. As Eve needed to pee, they made another effort to find the toilets but arrived at the end of the jetty, without having come across the toilets. They turned back and Eve hurried over behind a wheelie bin and peed a long stream of pee which ran out from under the bin and wound its way on to the jetty. After looking around the designer boutiques, the girls headed back to the car park and made their way to the toilet. They found the ladies toilet locked and with an out of order sign on the door. They could not be bothered climbing up and down the stairs looking for another toilet and so first Ewa and then Eve peed in the stairwell near to the toilet door.

Chapter 6

The girls left Portofino and stopped at the first fuel station to fill up for the long drive to Pisa. The station was just about to close and they had locked up the workshops and offices. They filled the girls’ car but when asked about a toilet said that they were all locked up for the night. The girls paid for the fuel and then walked over to the beach club “for a last look at the sea” As soon as they were out of sight of the garage, Ewa squatted down and took a long pee outside the beach club, whilst Eve kept watch. As soon as Ewa finished, Eve peed a torrent against another part of the beach club and then the girls strolled casually back to collect their car. It was a long tortuous drive to Pisa and long before they were anywhere near their destination both girls were desperate to pee again. Eve did not want to take any long diversions from their route and so pulled off the main road, running through a small town and on to a side road by the river. As soon as the car stopped, Ewa opened her door, swung her legs out of the car and released a big arc of pee on to the tarmac. Eve stepped out of the driver’s door, put her leg up on the low wall and unleashed a torrent of pee on to the roadside. Greatly relieved, they turned the car back to the main road and drove off quickly towards Pisa.

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PJP-33 Eve & Ewa's Riviera Travels Volume 1  0
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PJP-33 Eve & Ewa's Riviera Travels Volume 1  9

The first volume of this lavish production is filmed on the Italian Riviera, France, and includes what we believe to be the only public peeing scenes, filmed in the Jewel of the Riviera, Monte Carlo.

Volume 1 follows the girls on their trip from Pisa to San Remo, their evening visit to Monte Carlo and return to San Remo. Next, we accompany them around San Remo and the adjacent Riviera towns and villages.

Running time is 60 minutes and includes 32 exciting and daring pee scenes.

Chapter 1

We join the girls on the long drive from Pisa to San Remo and see them pull off the main road to allow firstly Eve and then Ewa to pee into a drainage ditch.

Chapter 2.

After a change of clothes, the girls head up to Monte Carlo for dinner. They arrive desperate to pee and, after having to park the car some way from the restaurant, they end up taking very risky pees on the main promenade by the harbour. After dinner, the girls stroll along the harbour front, absorbing the atmosphere of Monte Carlo, but soon Ewa is bursting to pee and has to sit on a low wall and pee on to the promenade with people walking by on the pavement behind. Eve soon needs to go as well and had to take a stop and start pee seated on another wall. As the girls drove back through France, Ewa became desperate again and they had to stop to let Ewa take a huge pee on the steps of an industrial building.

Chapter 3

The girls headed out to explore San Remo and made their way down to the promenade. It was a warm day and they had been drinking water and iced tea and so soon needed to pee. First Ewa and then Eve peed down the marble steps. The girls then made their way to the harbour of the old town, which was bustling with people, as there was a band competition in progress. Ewa needed to pee and, with some difficulty, managed to squat by some parked cars. Eve had to find a place amongst the boats, which had been taken out of the water and were sitting on the harbour front. After a while, the loud music became a little too much for the girls and they headed into town in search of a quiet cafe. Ewa was desperate to pee but none of the cafes had opened for the day and so she ended up sitting in an outdoor cafe and peeing on the floor as people walked by in the street. Eve managed to wait until they reached a small park area, where she took a huge pee on the path. The girls then headed back to their car but Ewa was desperate again and needed to pee before setting off in the car. Wherever she tried to squat, people appeared including a marching band in one case. Finally, she sat on a bench with a magazine spread open across her knees as if reading, whilst peeing on the pavement below.

Chapter 4

The girls headed out to drive down the coast and had to make an emergency pee stop as Ewa was at bursting point. She peed an absolute flood by the door of the car and left the tarmac drenched with pee. A little less desperate, Eve walked over to the grassy verge overlooking the sea and took a long pee, just a few feet above someone preparing a barbecue on the beach below. By the time that the girls arrived at the first small resort town, Ewa was desperate to pee again and headed along the busy promenade to the beach toilet. She arrived at the toilet to find it closed for the season and had to pee outside the building, not realising that she was in full view of a group of ladies who were standing to chat. The girls had a coffee and sandwich at one of the outdoor cafes before strolling around the town. Eve was at bursting point and with no toilets to be seen anywhere had to resort to standing in a doorway in a busy street and peeing on the pavement. Before leaving, to drive back to San Remo the girls took a walk on the beach and Ewa took the opportunity to squat and pee on the sand. By this time, some sunbathers had taken an interest in the girls and come over for a closer look and so Eve had to sit on the edge of a small boat, as if admiring the sea view, whilst she peed down the side of the boat. The girls arrived back at the hotel and as they were both desperate to pee, hurried to their room to use the toilet. However, Eve opened the bathroom door to find a maintenance plumber working on the shower. Unable to wait a moment longer, Ewa rushed out and peed on the balcony. Eve followed her example and took a huge pee on the balcony. She burst out laughing when she realised that the pee was running from the balcony drain on to the car park below and a guest was looking puzzled as to where the water drips were coming from.

Chapter 5

The girls had a few cool drinks in the hotel bar, before heading out for a drive down the coast. By the time that they had reached the car park, they realised that they should have used the toilet before leaving the hotel. They did not want to bother going all the way back in and so decided to pee in the extensive grounds of the hotel. Eve squatted on some steps which are out of view of the hotel windows and took a long arcing pee. Ewa had to wait until a car coming up the drive passed before squatting in the cover of a stone bench and peeing on the path. The girls drove to one of the many small, former fishing villages and walked around the harbour. Before returning to the car, Eve needed to pee and managed to find a secluded area beside a parked pick-up truck. Ewa squatted in the doorway of the harbour master’s office but had to stop abruptly and pull up her panties as a group of people came into view.

Chapter 6

The girls continued up the coast until they found another small town where they decided to stop for a drink. They had to park the car on the far side of a small park and walk up to the roadside bar area. Ewa needed to pee, squatted under one of the palm trees, and started peeing on to the earth. However, she had to stop quickly and pull down her skirt as someone approached and walked directly past her. As soon as he had passed, she resumed her position and finished her pee. Eve walked a little further along the path before stopping and taking a substantial pee on to the pathway. The girls sat at an outdoor bar, enjoyed a couple of drinks and a few snacks, and then took a stroll around the area. They stopped at a terraced area in the town centre and Ewa said that she was desperate to pee. She sat on one of the terraces and started to pee strongly but was interrupted when some people arrived at the nearby bus stop. She waited impatiently until they had boarded the bus and then resumed peeing on to the terrace. More people arrived at the bus stop and so Eve had to sit with her legs angled out of view of the bus stop, whilst she peed a fierce stream on to the terrace. The girls carried on driving along the coast road and turned off into a small village to look for a toilet as they both needed to pee. They drove into the small village car park and found themselves in the middle of a wedding reception, which was being held on the beach. With cars, pedestrians coming and going, and no sign of a toilet, Ewa resorted to standing by the driver’s door of the car, as if in conversation with Eve, whilst she peed straight down on to the tarmac. She peed a torrent, which left a huge puddle at Eve’s door. Eve got out of the car, stepping carefully over the puddle, and walked over to the phone box where she pretended to make a call but, in reality, pulled up the front of her skirt and took a forceful pee on to the floor of the phone box.

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PJP-29 Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 3  0
PJP-29 Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 3  1
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PJP-29 Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 3  9

Volume 3 Features filming en route to and within the fabulous medieval walled city of Lucca and follows the girls to the seaside resort of Viareggio for a change of pace as they enjoy the sun, sea and sand before they complete their trip in the famous city of Pisa.

  • 1) The girls set out on the drive to Lucca and when they both need to pee, Eve leaves the main road and stops by the entrance to a vineyard. They hurry into the vineyard and Ewa loses no time in squatting down and peeing amongst the vines. When she has finished, Eve takes her place and takes a long hard pee on to the dry ground. After finishing the girls taste the ripe grapes before carrying on their journey.
  • 2) The girls need another pee break and pull in beside the ancient Ponte a Cappiano, an unusual bridge with houses along one side of its length. Ewa squats down behind the low parapet wall and takes a long pee as traffic rumbles over the bridge. Eve decides to perch on the edge of the low parapet and send a stream of pee on to the grass below. However, a cycle tour passes over the bridge as she is peeing but fortunately, they are distracted by looking at Ewa who is standing at the side of the roadway. The girls carry on driving until they have to stop again for a pee. They pull off the main road on to a small side road that crosses a narrow bridge and park at the entrance to a field. Ewa squats down and takes a long pee at the side of the road. Eve has to wait as there is a lot of traffic passing on the main road but as soon as she has the chance, she squats down by the edge of the bridge and sends a long arc of pee down into the river below. It seems to be her day for cyclists as just as she is pulling up her panties a cyclist passes and shouts to her.
  • 3) The girls arrive in Lucca and after a struggle find a parking space are desperate to pee again. They have arrived at an area crowded with people enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine and so after failing to see any toilets the girls have to the dodge the crowds and Eve has a much-needed pee in the doorway of an old building, which is part of the fortifications. Before Ewa can take her turn, some people appear and so Ewa has to move a little further along to the cover of another building before she can squat down and pee. The girls change and head out to explore the old parts of the city. Eve is desperate to pee again but there are no cafes open in this area and so no chance of finding a toilet. Eve has to take a risky pee in the street with only a parked scooter to conceal her from view. As they were sure that people might have seen Eve from their windows, the girls moved on quickly. Ewa was also desperate but it was difficult to find a quiet spot where she could pee. Eventually, she took advantage of a break in people passing and squatted on the doorstep of a closed shop before peeing a neat arc out on to the cobbled street. The girls spent some time exploring the busy market in front of the Duomo before heading off to explore the quieter back streets. Ewa needed to pee and so the girls headed into one of the small squares where they had seen the awnings of a cafe. However, when they reached the square they found the cafe closed and so, unable to wait any longer, Ewa squatted and peed in a doorway. By now, Eve was also desperate but the girls had to move on as some people were coming. They headed around a corner and Eve took the chance to pee close to a building, leaving a flood of pee, which ran right across to the other side of the narrow street. After another walk around the market, the girls headed for their car. Before leaving, to travel along the coast they took a last walk around the old gateway through the city walls. Ewa decided to make use of one of the old buildings and squatted down to take a long pee on the ground. Eve was about to do the same but some people appeared on the upper rampart and so she had to go round to the other side of the building before squatting and taking a long pee on the grass.
  • 4) The girls set out to drive up the coast but soon Ewa needed to pee. Eve pulled off the main road and then turned into the entrance to a farm. Ignoring the houses overlooking the area and the barking of a watchdog, Ewa jumped out of the car and ran over to the cover of a parked van, before squatting down and taking a much-needed pee on to the earth. Ewa wiped quickly and returned to the car before anyone came out from the farmhouse to see why the dog was barking. Eve carried on driving but eventually needs to stop for a pee. The main road is very busy and so the best Eve can do is to turn into a track. The track is far too steep and rough for a normal car and so Eve has to stop at the very entrance. There is an old chair sitting at the road end, presumably to accommodate someone waiting for the bus and so Eve sits on the chair and takes a gushing pee on to the road.
  • 5) The girls arrive in Viareggio and head for the beach. They stroll on the beach for a while and then sit by a boat near to the waterline. When Ewa needs to pee, she simply pulls the crotch of her panties to one side and allows an arc of pee to splash into the sand between her legs. Eve also needs to pee and so simply releases her pee into the sand as well. The girls then paddle in the warm sea and wash the sand and pee splashes off their legs. They walk up to the promenade and have a drink and then return to enjoy the beach. It is time to leave and so the girls make their way back to the car, stopping at the beach toilets. Despite the beach area is full of people, the toilets are locked and so the girls walk along the promenade in search of other toilets. With none in sight, Eve decides that she can’t wait any longer and pees by the plant pots on the busy prom. They then head for the street where the car is parked. Before they reach the car Ewa decides that she has to go as well and takes a very public pee in a busy side road, only yards from the crowded main street.
  • 6) The girls finally arrive in Pisa and find a parking place on the riverbank near to one of the original city gates. They head towards the bridge across the river but Eve cannot walk any further until she has peed. The girls stop in a small square and Eve sits on the bench surrounding one of the planters, making sure that she is facing away from the old lady seated on an adjacent bench. Eve opens her legs and pulls the crotch of her panties to one side before releasing an arc of pee into the gutter surrounding the planter. Eve had barely finished when some more people arrived and so the girls continued a little further across the square until Ewa could squat down in the cover of a planter and leave a huge puddle of pee on the paving. The girls drove into the town centre and changed in the Ladies room of a small bar before walking along to admire the Duomo and the famous Leaning Tower. The girls spent some admiring the tower but as they needed to pee, they moved off in search of a toilet. As they had walked into a residential street, there were no cafes around and so Ewa had to pee in the gutter behind a parked car and was lucky to finish just moments before some people walked into the street. Eve hurried over and squatted in a gateway but was less fortunate as a car passed, catching her in midstream. She wiped and pulled up her trousers quickly as some people were coming. In her hurry, she jammed the zip of her trousers and had to walk close to Ewa to avoid this showing. The girls had a final meal in Pisa before they were due to head for the airport and then walked back to the car. Although Ewa had used the toilet in the restaurant, she needed to pee again on reaching the car and so she hurried round to the front of the car and peed a flood beside the rubbish bins.
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PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  0
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  1
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  2
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  3
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  4
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  5
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  6
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  7
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  8
PJP-28  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 2  9

Volume 2 features filming en-route to, within and returning from the spectacular walled Tuscan hill town of San Gimignano. It includes extended footage of some of the scenes,  plus two previously unreleased scenes of desperation and peeing on the girls’ return to their hotel.


  • 1) Eve & Ewa are journeying south to the ancient walled hill town of San Gimignano but just over half way to their destination, they have to pull in to a parking area in order to pee. Ewa dashes a little way down the path before squatting and peeing and after she finishes Eve takes her place and really soaks the ground. Eve manages to get the lining of her skirt stuck and some hilarity ensues as she tries to pull her skirt back down. Before reaching their destination, Ewa is desperate to pee again and so Eve pulls off the main road and stops in a small industrial estate. Ewa jumps out, squats down between the car and some bins, and leaves a real flood of pee on the concrete.
  • 2) The girls arrive at San Gimignano and park outside the city walls. Before they even reach the main entrance, Eve is bursting and has to sit on a bench in a very busy area and pee on the pathway. Ewa is also desperate and so the girls walk around the corner to allow Ewa to pee on the roadway. The girls return to the car park to collect something from the car and decide that they will take the opportunity to use the public toilet at the corner of the car park. There is already a lady trying to work out which coins are required to enter the toilet and whilst Eve translates the instructions for the lady, Ewa fidgets and becomes more desperate. Finally, she just ducks between a couple of cars and pees a flood on to the tarmac. Eve decides that she can wait until later and the girls head into the old walled part of town. Soon Eve is regretting not having used the toilet as she becomes more desperate as they wander through the narrow streets. She is tempted to squat in the street but there always seems to be someone in the area. Finally, they reach the top of the walls and Eve manages to take a huge pee in a corner of the walkway. Ewa needs to go again but some people have appeared and so she squats on the long staircase leading down to the road below.
  • 3) The girls make their way back down into the central area and stop for a coffee in the square. They tire of the bustle and head back up in the direction of the main church. Soon the coffee that they drank is pressing on their bladders and with no toilets anywhere they have to dash into one of the medieval staircases that join the different levels of the town. Eve releases a huge gushing pee, which spatters down the worn steps and as soon as she finishes, Ewa rushes to take her place on the stairway and takes a long pee down the steps. The girls finish with seconds to spare as some tourist arrive and Eve & Ewa leave hurriedly before the tourists notice the river of the pee streaming out from the stairway. The girls relax for a while by an olive grove and admire the Tuscan landscape from their vantage point, before moving on along the upper walls. Ewa badly needs to pee but the area is overlooked by a higher section of wall, which is dotted with tourists. Ewa has to sit on a stone bench, pretending to be having a rest, and pee whilst the tourist walk around on the upper wall. Eve stands close to the buttress of the wall to be less visible and pees a torrent on to the ground, soaking her feet in the process. Although it was a bit after lunchtime, the girls hoped that they would be able to get something to eat before driving back to Florence. They headed to a restaurant just outside the old walls but they were closing and Ewa’s request to use the toilet was bluntly turned down and so, before leaving she peed between the tables on their terrace. The girls crossed back to the old city and found a pleasant looking restaurant just inside the wall but it too had finished serving for the afternoon and so Eve walked a few yards up the lane and took a huge pee in a doorway.
  • 4) The girls headed back towards Florence but Ewa was hungry and Eve needed to pee. They turned off the main road and finally found a supermarket in a suburb. Ewa was able to buy a snack but there were no public toilets and so Eve peed in a drain by the trolley park. The girls carried on driving but after a short period needed to pee again. Eve pulled off the main road and on to a track into some farmland. She stopped and lost no time in peeing a flood by the side of the track and Ewa followed suit and took a very pee by the roadside.
  • 5) The girls reach the outskirts of Florence but are desperate to pee again. Eve manages to find somewhere to park by a bridge over a small river and the girls look around for a cafe but it’s Saturday afternoon and everything in the suburbs is closed. The girls head along a path by the riverbank and Eve sits on the concrete slope, pulls the crotch of her panties to one side and lets a river of pee run down the slope to join the water below. Ewa walks a little further along the riverbank until she comes to a flight of steps where she can squat down and empty her bladder on to the concrete.
  • 6) The girls finally arrive back at their hotel, desperate to pee. They rush up to their room and Eve goes into the toilet first. She is in too much of a hurry even to go to the toilet and stops at the bidet, pulls down her panties and releases a high-pressure stream of pee into the bidet. Greatly relieved, she makes way for Ewa who follows Eve’s example and takes a long pee into the bidet.



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PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  0
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  1
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  2
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  3
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  4
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  5
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  6
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  7
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  8
PJP-27  Eve & Ewa's Tuscan Idyll Volume 1  9

Filmed against the magnificent backdrop of Florence, Fiesole, San Gimignano, Lucca, Viareggio and Pisa as well as the beautiful Tuscan landscape and featuring Eve & Ewa this film shoot remains one of our most memorable and enjoyable.

Volume 1 features filming from Florence and the ancient Etruscan city of Fiesole, which is now an upmarket suburb of Florence and concludes with a pee stop at a rural station. The scenes include additional footage, not previously shown in the original release

Running time is 1 hour 19 minutes and the movie includes 22 full pee scenes.

Chapter 1) We join the girls in the area around the Porto Romana, one of the ancient gateways of the city. They look for a toilet but find only a foul-smelling outdoor gents toilet, two urinals attached to a wall, sheltered from view by some bushes. The smell was awful but Ewa squatted down near to the urinal and peed on to the smelly ground whilst Eve stood on watch. They then change places and Eve soaks the earth. Feeling a lot better, they go off

It is a long walk up the Via Machiavelli to their car and before long Ewa needs to pee. With little shelter available, she squats in the middle of the footpath and takes a long pee. A little further on, Eve reaches bursting point and has to squat down by the entrance of a villa which is in course of a renovation. As the traffic roars past Eve takes a huge arcing pee.

Chapter 2) The girls arrive at the world-famous Piazza Michelangelo and join the many tourists who have come to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and surrounding Tuscan countryside. They are both desperate to pee and so head down the steps in search of a toilet. They have no luck in finding a toilet and Ewa can’t wait any longer and has to squat down in the gutter to take a very long pee, ignoring passing traffic. Eve walks along a little further and sits on the surround of a small fountain, hoping that the sound from the fountain will hide the sound of her pee splashing on the ground from the tourists on the terrace above. The girls spend some time admiring the views and then head for their car to carry on exploring the city. Ewa desperately needs to pee again and has to pee in the middle of the crowded piazza with only the car door to conceal her from the many visitors.

Chapter 3) The girls head back towards the city centre but stop off at a pretty park further down the Via Machiavelli. Ewa is desperate to pee and perches on a litter bin to take a very long pee. Eve also needs to pee but there are a few people wandering around the park and she decides to wait and see if there is a toilet further on. There does not appear to be any toilet and so Eve has to hide by a fragment of a ruined wall to take a much-needed and very large pee.

Chapter 4) The girls have driven to the famous Boboli Gardens and after a struggle to find a parking place, have had to queue and pass through a security check before entry. By the time that they are inside, they are both desperate to pee but have no idea where the toilets are located. Unable to wait any longer, Ewa jumps up on a plinth beside a couple of statues and completes the tableau by peeing off the plinth on to the grass below.

Eve is also desperate but has to wait for ages until a couple that has been examining the statues in minute detail finally move on. Eventually, she is able to take a huge pee whilst standing in the cover of the plinth. Ewa needs to go again and this time decides to revive a dry fountain by jumping up on the basin and sending an arc of pee out on to the gravel. Later, Eve struggles to find a quiet place to pee and eventually takes cover by a tree before releasing a torrent of pee. Ewa needs to go again before leaving the gardens and takes a long pee whilst seated on a stone bench.

5) The girls find a parking place in the heart of the old city and set off on foot to find a restaurant. Before they find a restaurant Eve is at bursting point and has to wait for a break in the traffic before squatting and peeing on the side of the street. Ewa holds out a little longer but then also but eventually has to squat in the gutter between a couple of parked vehicles.

6) The girls arrive at the ancient Etruscan city of Fiesole, now a suburb of Florence and they are desperate to pee. Eve has to go by the side of a busy street in view of a couple of passing cars. Ewa finds a small car park around the corner and squats down to pee there. She is equally unlucky to be seen by a couple of pedestrians. The girls change and make their way to some of the famous Etruscan ruins but are rather disappointed to find only some fragments of stonework next to a car body repair shop. By this time they are desperate to pee again before the long walk back to the car and so Eve hides behind the fragment of ruin to take a long pee on to the rock and then Ewa scrambles inside to take a much-needed pee. On the return journey to Florence, the girls consider taking a trip on the local railway and stop at a country station. There is not a train due for a considerable time and so the girls decide not to bother waiting. However, they are desperate to pee and there are no toilets in those small country train stops. They sit on a bench to relieve the pressure on their bladders and then Ewa decides to move along to another bench and pee there. As she is finishing, a lady appears on the other side of the track and so the girls move on and descend the ramp that leads to the tunnel under the track. Eve decides that the tunnel is as good a place as any and slips down her panties to take a huge pee on to the cobbles.

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