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Filmed on the beautiful island of Malta, Volume follows the girls round a variety of locations including Popeye's Village, the famous St Agnes Tower and historic Valletta.

Volume runs for 1 hour 23 minutes and includes 30 pee scenes, all filmed with professional HD cameras.

Dialogue is in English

Volume 1 is divided into 7 Chapters

We join the girls on their first morning in Malta and see them take a stroll along the promenade near to their hotel, where they both take risky pees near to the closed toilet facilities. Back in the hotel, Ewa takes an urgent pee on the balcony as Eve is using the bathroom.

The girls finally head out to explore the island and stop in a little, but surprisingly busy, side road to pee. Note the bottled water truck which passed and turned (twice) to get a look at what was going on. The next stop was Popeye's Village, built as the set of the 1980 Popeye film, but now a theme park. There were far too many children around to film within the village, but both Eve & Ewa dodged the visitors to pee in the area overlooking the village.

After a late lunch, the girls arrived at the famous St Agnes (or Red) Tower. However, as it was Friday, the tower closed early and so the girls were too late to take a tour of the interior. They walked around the exterior but badly needed to pee before continuing their journey. First Ewa and then Eve sat on the ancient steps and peed floods down them, before returning to their car, leaving the steps dripping with pee.

The next stop was at the top of the island from where the Comino ferry departs. Ewa found a natural toilet, no doubt carved into the rock, by years of wind and waves, whilst Eve decided to pee out beside the rocky outcrop. The wind blew her pee everywhere and she ended up with wet legs and feet.

The girls stopped off at a smart hotel in the country, intending to have a drink and relax on the terrace but as there was a wedding reception at the hotel, it was closed to the public. Ewa and then Eve peed in the large urn, which served as an outdoor ashtray. En route back to their hotel, the girls needed to pee and stopped at a park and peed by a large sculpture.

Next morning the girls took a pre-breakfast walk on the beach and peed whilst seated on the sun loungers. After breakfast, they walked to the car park to collect the car and both peed in the car park before setting off. They stopped for a break down the coast and Ewa peed from the steps on to the beach and Eve crouched down and peed under a picnic table. After their break, the girls carried on to the outskirts of Valetta, where they stopped at a beachfront park. Desperate Ewa sat on a bench and peed, regardless of the many people in the area. Eve walked down to the lower level and peed into the sea. Before leaving, Ewa needed to go again and peed down the steps leading to the lower level.

The girls took a drive to Valletta Harbour, but could only find parking at a rather dismal area, which housed many boatyards. Ewa peed as soon as she got out of the car but Eve had to take her pee in three parts as cars kept arriving and managed to wet her panties in the process. The decided to move on and found a little cafe, overlooking the harbour and stopped for some lunch. Before leaving, they used the Ladies and we see Ewa and then Eve taking much-needed pees in the toilet. They drove around to the mooring area on the other side of the harbour and Ewa peed a huge flood by a mooring bollard and then Eve sent an arc of pee into the waters of the harbour.

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Volume 2 Continues the story and accompanies Ewa until she is about to return home. The movie runs for just over an hour and includes no less than 25 full gushing pees.

Chapter 1) We join the girls as they explore a picturesque Shropshire village. After looking around the little shops they head to the Abbey, but there is a long queue to get into the visitors' centre. The girls need a pee and so they avoid the tourists as best they can and we see Ewa and then Selene take a pee on the grass.

The girls then head off for a picnic spot beside the Severn but Ewa needs to go en route and so has to take an emergency pee by the roadside as traffic roars past.

Before they reach the picnic spot they have to stop again, under the arches of the bridge over the Severn. Ewa fidgets impatiently whilst Selene takes ages to pee and then Ewa hurriedly slips down her panties and soaks the sand by the bridge support.

Chapter 2) The girls arrive at the picnic spot and relax in the sun. Soon they need a pee and again Ewa fidgets whilst Selene takes ages to decide on a place that she thinks isn’t in view of the traffic on the bridge or walkers on the far bank of the river. Finally, Ewa gets to have a pee as well and soaks the san of the riverbank.

Before leaving, the girls need to pee again and Selene has some problem avoiding the people out walking along the riverbank. Finally, she gets to pee and then Ewa pees as well before the girls head off.

Chapter 3) The girls arrive at the preserved Paddock steam railway, hoping to take a trip on a train. However, the last train of the day is about to return and there will be no more trips that day. Also, the tearoom, waiting room and toilets are closed up for the day and so the girls have to content themselves by sitting on a bench to watch the train arrive. Selene is desperate to pee and with nowhere quiet to squat, she pees from her position seated at the bench.

Next, we see Ewa putting an out-of-service red telephone box to excellent use a makeshift toilet and she really manages to flood it.

The girls decide to go on and visit a local beauty spot and when they arrive the first thing they do is pee in the car park.

Chapter 4) The girls have a few drinks at the beauty spot and soon need to pee. Ewa takes a huge pee beside a preserved mine wheel and a few minutes later Selene follows her example.

Sometime later, we find the girls returning to Ewa’s hotel. They are desperate to pee and have to take what cover they can from a parked artic trailer to pee by the roadside as traffic passes.

Chapter 5) All the drinking has caught up with the girls and they have to stop yet again for roadside pees. This time they just manage to finish before a car pulls in.

Back at Ewa’s hotel the girls have eaten dinner and are taking a last walk round the gardens before Selene’s taxi arrives to take her home. They are bursting to pee again and can’t be bothered to go all the way back to the hotel building. There are quite a few people having a drink in the gardens and so they take cover by the old bridge supports and take turns to relieve their overfull bladders.

Chapter 6) We find Ewa on her own again taking a last walk along the banks of the Severn at historic Shrewsbury. She has to nip off the riverside path to take a pee at the edge of woodland. We next catch up with her as she heads to pay a farewell visit to a local friend and has to stop off to take a pee in the bushes by a busy road. She has too many cups of coffee at the friend’s house and has to stop for another roadside pee soon after leaving. In her final scene of this movie, Ewa has to make yet one more emergency roadside stop on her way to Manchester airport.

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PJP-17 Ewa Visits Shropshire Volume 1 9

Starring Ewa, a lovely young Polish girl who has gone on to be a favourite Projectpee model, accompanied by local girl Selene. Filmed in early summer the movies are set in the picturesque Shropshire countryside by the banks of the River Severn.

Volume 1 joins Ewa on her arrival in the UK and follows her adventures around the local area and accompanies her and Selene on a few visits to the local pubs, where too much alcohol is consumed with the inevitable consequences. This particular film shoot must hold the record for the number of times we were caught red-handed by members of the public.

Volume 1 runs for just over an hour and includes 22 full gushing pees.

Chapter 1) We join Ewa as she makes a pee stop en route to her hotel. Selene is also making her way to Ewa’s hotel and stops for a pee in a country lane as well.


Chapter 2) After a quick change of clothes in Ewa’s hotel room the girls take a walk around the hotel grounds which includes the old bridge over the Severn. In their hurry, they forgot to use the toilet in the hotel and are now bursting to pee. Unfortunately, there is an elderly motorcyclist sitting at the end of the bridge, watching the girls intently and even waving. Only after he moves on can the girls take much-needed and very long pees on the bridge. Selene decides to take Ewa to Telford to visit the shops but her sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired and they end up wandering around a very busy business park with no shops or cafes anywhere in sight.

Desperate to pee, they end up squatting in the shrubbery around one of the office blocks, in view of literally hundreds of office windows. If you look carefully at the end of the scene you will see one of the security guys approaching.

Chapter 3) We find the girls trying to make their way back to Ewa’s hotel but Selene has managed to take them into a dead-end road in a residential area. They badly need to pee and for once are able to find a relatively private place in the grounds of an unoccupied building. Later, the girls head out to sample the wine bars of Ironbridge.

The badly need a pee and stop off to relieve themselves at a small tract of woodland.

They thought that they were in the middle of nowhere but as Selene is peeing the woodland manager appears. (There is more of this scene in the out-takes at the end).

 Chapter 4) It’s still early in the evening but Selene is looking worse for wear already. She decides not to wait in the long queue for the Ladies toilet but heads rather unsteadily into the adjacent car park and pees there, managing to get caught again.

In the meantime, Ewa decided to take a walk down towards the river to get some fresh air. She takes the opportunity to avoid the toilet queue by peeing on the little landing stage by the river.

A little later we find an even unsteadier Selene making her way around the side of the small museum building in search of somewhere to pee. She squats down by the side of the building and takes a huge pee before climbing back up the steps to the road. You will see a couple of lads swimming in the river. One of them becomes the star of an outtake later.

Ewa decides to head up the road a little way to take a pee in a small parking space. Our swimmer, Ian tries to chat her up without success but does get to watch the scene being filmed. However, this part is shown at the end of the movie.

Chapter 5) Ewa has located the now very drunk Selene and is trying to take her home. The rain has started and so she has to cope with an umbrella and a very unsteady Selene. Selene needs to pee and so Ewa stops by the little seating area by the river and hold the umbrella whilst Selene makes the wet ground a lot wetter still. By this Ewa needs a pee as well and so she entrusts the umbrella to Selene and squats over the pavement as well. Relieved, Ewa carries on trying to get Selene home.

In the next scene, we find the girls out the next evening, visiting a couple more pubs in Ironbridge. The leave the pub to go to wait for their taxi in the car park but tipsy Selene decides to have a pee whilst she is waiting. Unfortunately, they had left their umbrella in the pub and the manager hurried out to return it to them, catching Selene in the act. If you watch carefully you will see Ewa rushing off camera and returning with the umbrella. The landlord wasn’t too bothered as long as he got to watch Ewa take her turn, which she sportingly allowed.

Chapter 6) The next scenes, filmed in Ewa’s hotel room, has never been released on the Projectpee website Both girls need to pee and race for the bathroom. Ewa gets there first and we see her taking a relaxed pee in the toilet. Selene can’t wait and so she takes a huge pee into the waste bucket.

Our final scenes of the movie find the girls heading out to explore the pleasant Shropshire countryside. They arrive at a vineyard, which apparently is a relic of the Roman occupation but are too early to go inside. They pass the time by strolling around the outside but the need to pee and so they take turns to go in the road, leaving some very wet tarmac.


Finally, we bring you a few outtakes from the filming. The first is a long desperation scene from Ewa. She is not acting but was caught on camera waiting for the film to be changed in one of the cameras etc. If you like desperation, you should like this scene.

Next is a very short clip of the woodland manager catching us. Finally, our student and aspiring actor Ian makes his film debut trying to chat up Ewa and then asking for a job in the porn industry, we think that you might find it amusing.