PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  0
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  1
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  2
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  3
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  4
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  5
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  6
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  7
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  8
PJP-52 Budapest Babes Peeing - Volume 1  9

Featuring four of our hottest Hungarian girls, Lara, Monika, Roxy & Tara, Volume 1 features 20 sizzling scenes in a variety of picturesque settings around Budapest and the Lake Balaton area.

PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 0
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 1
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 2
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 3
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 4
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 5
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 6
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 7
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 8
PJP-50 Pee Medley Volume 14 9

For Pee Medley Volume 14 we have adopted a slightly different format and mixed the clips from different shoots rather more than previously and so this time we have scenes from 13 models; Jenny, Jesse, Jin, Julia, Kasha, Kathy, Kima, Lara, Lena, Monika, Roxy and Sam. We hope that you will enjoy the greater variety and are always pleased to receive comments and suggestions.

The movie includes 25 scenes and is divided into six chapters for convenience of viewing. The filming took place in several German cities as well as in Austria and Hungary.

PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 0
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 1
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 2
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 3
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 4
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 5
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 6
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 7
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 8
PJP-49 Pee Medley Volume 13 9

Pee Medley Volume 13 features seven girls including popular models from previous movies, Kathy, Sam, Kasha and Roxy plus 3 girls appearing in our movies for the first time, Thai girl Kima and crazy Berlin girls Jesse & Jin,

The movie includes 26 full pee scenes and for convenience of viewing is divided into six chapters. Filming took place in Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Austria.

PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 0
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 1
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 2
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 3
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 4
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 5
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 6
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 7
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 8
PJP-48 Pee Medley - Volume 12 9

We are pleased to offer our latest Movie release PJP-48  Pee Medley Volume 12.  Filmed in four countries, Germany, Netherlands, Austria & Hungary and featuring six great girls, Kasha, Kathy, Monika, Sam, Yassie & Zsofia.

The movie runs for just under 2 hours and includes 27 pee scenes in a great variety of locations, from the beautiful Habsburg palace at Laxenberg, the stunning Lake Balaton, busy city streets, the floor of a public toilet, the staircase of an apartment block, and finishes with a great scene from Monika, who adds some posing and teasing to her pee scene, just to round off the movie.

Eve's Andalucian Travels  0
Eve's Andalucian Travels  1
Eve's Andalucian Travels  2
Eve's Andalucian Travels  3
Eve's Andalucian Travels  4
Eve's Andalucian Travels  5
Eve's Andalucian Travels  6
Eve's Andalucian Travels  7
Eve's Andalucian Travels  8
Eve's Andalucian Travels  9

We are proud to present Eve’s Andalucian Travels. Filmed entirely on location in Andalucia, the movie opens with a selection of scenes filmed on the beach and in the small coastal towns near Malaga. We then have two scenes filmed on the 170km drive inland to Granada and the fabulous former Moorish stronghold and palace, the Alhambra. As with many of our previous landmark locations, we can say with some certainty that this is the first ever pee movie filmed within the precincts of the world-famous Alhambra Palace. Following the scenes from the palace is a nice scene filmed by the beautiful water feature of the municipal building, an exciting roadside stop on the return journey and a pre-dinner pee stop on the beachfront, on returning to the coast.

The next round of filming is in the famous Costa del Sol town of Marbella and features some stylish and daring scenes on the promenade, adjacent streets and harbour area. Moving back along the coast, we filmed at another impressive Moorish stronghold Castillo Sohail near Fuengirola before moving to a small coastal town for an extremely daring and desperate street scene.(there really was no toilet available) The last chapter of the movie features a daring scene on the main street of Fuengirola and finally a late evening pee on the beach

96 minutes running time which includes 23 pee scenes.

PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 0
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 1
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 2
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 3
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 4
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 5
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 6
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 7
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 8
PJP-46 Pee Medley - Volume 11 9

Volume 11 continues the theme of Volume 10, again featuring 10 girls, in another 26 great pee scenes, again filmed in Germany & Hungary.A selection of ladies to please everyone and a variety of locations from the beauty of Budapest and Lake Balaton to the ultimate daring of department stores and apartment staircases. If you enjoyed Volume 10 you will love Volume 11.

PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 0
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 1
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 2
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 3
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 4
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 5
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 6
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 7
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 8
PJP-45 Pee Medley - Volume 10 9

We are delighted to offer volume 10 of our popular Pee Medley series, featuring no less than 10 girls in 26 fantastic pee scenes, filmed in various locations in Germany, including Berlin and around Budapest and Lake Balaton in Hungary.

Featuring crazy German girls, Jenny & Julia, more mature Berlin girl Heike, Kasha & Kathy, in very daring mode, fabulous Monika and sizzling Zsofia from Hungary, Stella with new girl Veni and last but certainly not least, stunning Yassie. This movie features some of our most daring and naughty scenes ever, including Kathy peeing on the floor of the University and in the kitchen display of a department store.

Pee Medley Volume 10 is has a running time of 70 minutes and for convenience of viewing is divided into 6 chapters.

Chapter 1 features Kathy stopping for a pee, whilst out roller skating, Heike pausing to pee in a Berlin street, the first of several very naughty indoor pees from Kasha who pees in the staircase of a multi-story car park and finally a very desperate pee in a parking bay of the main street by Jenny.

Chapter 2 opens with Stella peeing by a recycling bin adjacent to a busy main road. Kathy takes a long pee on the steps of a run-down former municipal building in East Berlin. Desperate Heike pees right outside the window of a store in a Berlin shopping precinct. We meet Stella & Veni out walking the dog and first Veni and then Stella pee in a quiet street.

Chapter 3 opens with delightful Monika taking a pee on a jetty overlooking beautiful Lake Balaton. In the rather less glamorous setting of urban east Berlin, Heike takes a desperate gushing pee a couple of metres away from the entrance to an apartment block, regardless of people coming and going in the vicinity. Julia & Jenny need to pee and slip into a VW car dismantling business. First Jenny and then Julia take spectacular gushing pees on to the concrete before realising that they were in view of people across the yard. They burst out laughing and run off.

Chapter 4 opens with another appearance from Kathy, who pees right outside the doors of the library when she finds the building closed. Next, we see Yassie hurrying towards a supermarket entrance, obviously very desperate to pee. She doesn’t make it as far as the entrance and stops to take a huge gushing pee in a little shelter designed to keep the trolleys dry. Next, we see Kasha, desperate to pee but not wanting to wait to use the toilet in the furniture warehouse and so just going around the side and peeing by the goods entrance. Finally, Stella takes a detour into the park to pee on the pathway, just inside the entrance.

Chapter 5 opens with Veni and Stella out dog walking again. They need to pee and so head into a rather neglected looking builders yard, where Veni pulls down her skirt and panties and pees on a sheet of metal, which is lying on the ground. The girls switch custody of the dog and Stella takes a turn to pee on the metal sheet. Next, on a lovely summer day, Monika takes a walk along the scenic river bank. She stops to take a leisurely pee on the path and finishes just in time as a group of students appear on the opposite bank of the river. Next an incredibly daring scene from Kathy who pees on the floor of the university basement, despite there being dozens of students milling around at the top of the stairs. Finally, we see cute Zsofia take a detour from the suburban Budapest street to pee beside a house in course of a renovation.

Chapter 6 starts with an even more daring scene from Kathy, who pees on the carpeted floor of a kitchen display in a department store. Back in the outdoors again, Stella heads into the park with the intention of using the toilets. However, as there is no one around, she just takes a seat in the gazebo and pees on the floor. As she walked home along the busy main road, Kasha needed to pee. As we know, she is not a girl who waits around to find a toilet and so she just walked into a yard and peed on the cobbled surface. For the final scene of the movie we revisit the splendid architecture of Budapest and see Monika pee in a massive doorway, which is a lasting legacy from the city's historic past. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot another legacy from the more recent past in the form of a Trabant parked in the square.

PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 0
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 1
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 2
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 3
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 4
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 5
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 6
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 7
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 8
PJP-44 Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria 9

Our antidote to the miserable, cold weather of Northern Europe is our latest movie release, PJP-44, Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria. Filmed last year in the sub-tropical climate of Europe's southernmost point. The movie features pretty young German model Paulina in her only outing for  Projectpee to date, accompanied by long-term favourite model Eve.

The movie runs for 60 minutes and includes 20 outstanding pee scenes in a variety of locations.

Chapter 1)

We join the girls as they explore a tropical garden and see a very desperate Eve take a huge gushing pee on the gravel path. They move on the harbour area and by this time Paulina is also desperate and stops to pee on to the steps leading down to the shore. Before leaving the waterfront both girls badly need to pee again and Paulina squats amongst the rocks for some much-needed relief. Eve pees down the steep steps leading back up to the harbour.

Chapter 2)

Eve continues showing Paulina around the island and the girls end up taking a break by sitting on a bench. They are both absolutely desperate to pee and so they both hitch up their skirts, open their legs wide and after pulling the crotch of their panties out of the way, release torrents of pee on to the ground. The girls tidy up their clothes and move on, leaving the area under and around the bench drenched with pee. Whilst Eve is doing some shopping, Paulina walks off to make a couple of phone calls and look around the area. Engrossed in her calls, she wanders away from the main area and finds herself by an electricity sub-station. Desperate for a pee, Paulina slips down her panties and squats in front of the sub-station door.

Chapter 3)

Eve takes Paulina to look round one of the traditional harbours. Eve was desperate to pee and so slipped her panties down and was about to squat when a cyclist appeared. Eve let her dress fall back down and had to stand with her panties around her knees until the cyclist past. She then quickly pulled up her dress and peed a long, hard stream on to the concrete. Paulina needed to go a few minutes later and had to squat down beside a workshop in the boatyard. The girls continued on to the old town but Paulina needed to pee again and so just squatted and peed by the edge of the pavement.

Chapter 4)

The girls continued their walk through the old town until they reached a flight of steps leading to a higher part of town. Paulina decided that she needed to pee before climbing the steps and paused for a pee in the alley at the foot of the steps. Eve paused a little way up the steps and peed a long, strong arc of pee on to the ancient steps. As the girls returned to the harbour area, they had to stop again and Paulina peed a long stream, which ran off down the steeply sloping alley. After Paulina finished, Eve stood in the partial cover of a doorway and released her pee into the alley in a long arc.

Chapter 5)

Eve took Paulina to visit Porto Rico, a resort town on the South West coast of the island. They took the walkway that ran alongside the coastal road and stopped periodically to take in the view over the harbour and beaches. However, Paulina badly needed to pee but every time she thought that she had found seclusion, walkers appeared on the path. Finally, Paulina decided that she would rather risk being seen from the road than being caught squatting by another walker and so she squatted own right by the Porto Rico sign next to the highway and took a long, forceful pee.

After Paula had peed the girls carried on strolling along the coastal walkway. Soon, it was Eve's turn to feel desperate. The only secluded spot that Eve could see was a narrow space between the walkway wall and the massive concrete pillar which supported the highway. Eve quickly slipped off her panties and squeezed into the small space before taking a hard pee on to the gravel from an uncomfortable crouching position, facing the pillar. Eve wiped and smoothed down her dress but did not bother to replace her panties. Paulina decided that she would pay a visit to Ocean Park and after a short bus ride arrived near the entrance. She walked round to the main gate but was disappointed to find that the park was not open on this day. However, more pressing than Paulina's disappointment at not being able to visit the park was her need to use the toilets. Being unfamiliar with the area, Paulina had no idea if there were any other toilets in the vicinity and so simply pulled down her panties and took a sizeable pee right beside the closed gates. Greatly relieved, Paula wiped and pulled up her panties, before wiping the pee splashes from her feet and walking off in search of a cafe.

Chapter 6)

Paulina had met up with some people for a meal and a drink at one of the many small restaurants on that part of the island. She intended to use the toilets before leaving but there was a long queue for the single toilet and, as she was getting picked up for a lift home, she did not want to be late and decided that she could wait. However, once out in the night air, she felt a lot more desperate and thought that she had better take the chance to go now rather than need to stop on the journey home. Fortunately, the car park was quiet and so Paulina undid her belt and slipped down her shorts and panties before squatting and peeing a long stream on to the gravel. Paulina finished and pulled up her clothes and fastened her belt. As she walked towards the street, she noticed a waiter clearing an outside table and hoped that he had not noticed her peeing.

Paulina wanted to explore the dunes first thing in the morning before the sun became too hot. She slipped on a pair of panties and a loose fitting dress and walked barefoot in the warm sand. Paulina had bee so keen to go out early that she had not even paused to go to the toilet before leaving the villa and so she really needed to pee. After a careful check to see that there was no one else out walking in the area, Paulina pulled up her dress, slipped down her panties and squatted in one of the sandy hollows before taking a forceful pee into the sand. Feeling better, Paulina pulled up her panties and walked off in the direction of the ocean.

Paulina headed out on a morning walk along the coastal road. The sun was still not too hot and there was a pleasant breeze from the ocean and Paulina had walked a lot further than she had intended as she realised whilst making her way home. She didn't mind the walking but her bladder was beginning to ache and she knew that she would have to make a pee stop. The area was very open and although the traffic was still light, it was regular and there were few chances to pee before a vehicle appeared. Several times Paulina hitched up her short skirt, only to have to pull it down again quickly as a car approached. Finally, with only the scant cover of a roadside palm tree, Paulina was able to pull own her panties and squat beside the tree. She was still peeing as two cyclists appeared at the brow of the hill and just managed to finish and pull up her panties as they passed. She was sure that they must have seen what she was doing as they came down the hill.

PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 0
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 1
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 2
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 3
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 4
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 5
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 6
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 7
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 8
PJP-43 Pee Medley - Volume 9 9

Eight great girls, four countries and 32 pee scenes equals 90 minutes of exciting pee action. Featuring Roxy, Kathy, Yassie, Natly, Maja, Lindsay, Carmen & Sandra with filming in Austria, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Chapter 1) Carmen's debut scene for Projectpee is a great scene of Carmen taking a huge splashing pee in the staircase of her apartment block. Next, we see lovely Yassie, desperate to pee and unable to find a toilet. She hurries up a small lane to pee and is only yards from the busy main street. Next, we see Kathy and Lindsay out walking and Kathy talking a detour from the main road to pee near to a railway track. Next up is a very public pee from Yassie on the parking area of a small parade of shops on a busy main street. The final scenes from Chapter 1 feature Lindsay & Maja and the two desperate girls heading into an underpass. Lindsay stops to take a huge and very noisy pee half way through the underpass, leaving a lake of pee behind. Maja waits until she reaches the exit steps before pausing to drench the steps in pee.

Chapter 2) We see very cute teen Natly coming off the rain with her dog and making her way through the station and into the car park. Desperate to pee she stops to take a really long pee in a quiet part of the car park. In our last scene, we see Yassie arriving at the suburban station to catch her train into town. She badly needs to pee and, knowing that there is no toilet on the platform, takes a risky pee beside the recycle bins. Yassie walks back to the entrance ramp, just in time to meet Kathy who is passing the station. Kathy guesses what Yassie has been doing and teases her about peeing by the bins. The girls are in a silly mood and play around a little, comparing their underwear and tanned legs. Kathy jumps up and walks along the narrow handrail, which is probably not a good idea as she is wearing high-heeled shoes. It's time for Yassie to go up to the platform to catch her train but before parting, Kathy squats and takes a pee by the foot of the ramp.



Chapter 3) Roxy makes her first appearance in this movie. In this scene, Roxy takes a pee on a suburban pathway. Roxy carries on walking to the bistro where she intended to eat lunch but arrived before it had opened to the public and so Roxy peed at the back door. Next, we see Kathy in the park with Natly. Kathy needs a pee and walks around beside the bushes and squats but only has time to release a quick jet of pee before a guy walking through the park spots her. Kathy drops her skirt and hurries back to sit beside Natly until the man is out of sight. Kathy then returns and takes a long gushing pee on to the grass. We meet up with Roxy again and see her out walking in the suburbs. She is desperate to pee and with no toilets in the vicinity, she squats and pees on the pavement. Next, we see Kathy arriving at the station in the failing early evening light, she enters the indoor parking area to collect her car but needs to pee and so squats and pees on the floor. The last scene from this chapter features Roxy again and we see her pop behind a building before slipping down her panties, bending slightly forward and releasing a torrent of pee on to the concrete.

Chapter 4) Yassie heads up an external staircase to an office doorway. The office is closed and so Yassie just pees on the doorstep. Next up, it's Lindsay and Maja. They are walking down a city street and both are desperate pee. Without hesitation, Lindsay hitches up her dress, pulls down her panties and pees a torrent in the middle of the pavement. No less shy, as soon as Lindsay finishes, Maja pulls up her tiny skirt, slips down her panties and also pees a flood in the middle of the pavement. The girls carry on walking leaving two very obviously pee puddles on the pavement behind them. Next is cute little Natly, who needs to pee whilst walking home through town. She walks a few steps off the busy main road into a lane, which runs steeply down to the next street. Natly hitches up her skirt, pulls down her panties and releases a huge jet of pee on to the tarmac. Her smile of relief as she turns and walks back out of the lane is priceless.

Chapter 5) It's Natly again as she arrives at the station in the early evening. She badly needs to pee before boarding her train and so pees at the station entrance. Next, we rejoin Kathy, who is walking in the park. She badly needs to pee and so heads to the old fortress but the building is closed for the season and so she pops a squat at the top of the steps leading to the entrance. Next is a rather unusual scene from Sandra and we see her in a barn, climbing up the ladder to the attic. Once there she decides that she needs to pee and so sits on a chair, opens her legs wide, pulls her panties out of the way and pees on the dusty wooden floor. The last scene in this chapter introduces Kasha, whom we see in obvious need to pee as she crosses the market square a Netherlands town. Not being a timid girl, Kasha just steps behind a low wall , whips off her panties and takes a long gushing pee on the ground, ignoring anyone who might be walking past.

Chapter 6) It's back to sunny Budapest in time to see Roxy, bent over in desperation as she rushes up a flight of steps from the road. She gives up before reaching the halfway mark and simply pulls down her panties and squats on the landing, before releasing a torrent of pee, which drenches the steps. It's a chilly December day in Germany as Yassie walks across the lower level of the station car park. The cold has made her desperate to pee and so she slips down her jeans and panties and squats by one of the parked cars before taking a long gushing pee on to the floor of the car park. We return to the sun and join Roxy on a walk by the lakeside. She very badly needs to pee but there are no toilets and the area is very open and frequented by people enjoying the summer sun. Roxy quickly slips her panties off and sits down on the edge of a bench. As soon as she is sure that no one is looking in her direction she releases a huge arc of pee on to the ground before quickly moving on. Next, we return to the Netherlands to catch up with Kasha who pops in to use the sports ground toilet but finds everything locked up. Unable to wait any longer Kasha squats down and takes a huge pee in front of the closed door. Finally, for this chapter we have a really nice scene from a very demure looking Natly, who takes a detour off the busy main street into an office car park and then takes a long forceful pee by the bins, just finishing in time to avoid being caught by someone coming in for his car.


Chapter 7) We rejoin Roxy who is heading to a wine bar. She arrives desperate to pee but the grill door is still closed. Notwithstanding the staff are only a few feet away, Roxy squats and pees on the step. Next, we have a great scene from Natly, who is browsing in a large DIY store. Desperate to pee, she appears to be tempted to use one of the toilets in the bathroom display but restrains herself long enough to walk outside to the garden goods display and take a huge pee amongst the goods on offer. Roxy's final scene is filmed at a high vantage point that offers spectacular views over the city, or rather cities that make up modern-day Budapest. Roxy manages to avoid the throngs of visitors long enough to take a long gushing pee on some steps. The last two scenes from the movie feature Natly and in the first we see her stroll casually into a garage forecourt and take a forceful pee by the pumps. It's a cold December day and her hot pee creates clouds of steam. Finally, we see Natly leaving the station and starting to walk home on a grey December afternoon. It's freezing cold and she badly needs to pee and so stops to pee on a patch of snow covered ground by the side of the main road. 


PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  0
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  1
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  2
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  3
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  4
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  5
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  6
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  7
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  8
PJP-42  A Pee Tale Of Two Cities  9

Two fantastic girls; two famous cities. In the first section of the movie we join Eve on a short visit to Barcelona and then we travel to Hungary to spend some time with Roxy. Two very different girls, in two very different cities all add up to 22 terrific pee scenes. 90 minutes of running time.

We see Eve exploring the area around her hotel and taking a pee in the water garden, which had been drained for seasonal maintenance. Next Eve took a detour from the main street into a side street, where she peed by an office building.

Next Eve made her way to the Hertz office and collected the keys for her hire car, which she had to collect from the upper storey of the car park. By the time she collected the car Eve was desperate to pee and so Eve squatted down in the cover of the open car door and peed on to the concrete floor. On arriving at the Marina, Eve had to park some distance from the entrance and was desperate to pee before she reached the shopping & restaurant area and so peed between a couple of parked cars. Later, on returning to the hotel, eve decided to explore a strange metal sculpture at the water park. Climbing the steep metal stairway to the top the cold wind made Eve desperate to pee and she took the chance to squat and pee on one of the landings of the sculpture.

Eve had spent some time in the supermarket and badly needed to pee before collecting her car. She took the lift to the upper floors and attempted to follow the rather vague directions to the toilets. However, she eventually gave up and squatted and took a huge pee in one of the floors of the parking garage. Eve intended to drive to Montjuic but took a wrong turn and found herself stuck in heavy traffic in the old part of town. She was squirming in the car seat with desperation but eventually saw a sign for toilets. Eve parked quickly and followed the narrow lane leading to the toilets. She was dismayed to find that the toilet was a grubby looking unisex cabin but Eve was desperate and so braved the smell and entered. The interior was disgusting and Eve would not go near the toilet bowl. Instead, she hitched up her dress and aimed a powerful stream of pee in the direction of the drainage channel, which ran along the base of the back wall. As quickly as possible, Eve finished, wiped and left the smelly cabin.

Eve finally found the correct route and made her way up towards Montjuic Castle but she badly needed to pee and so stopped by the entrance of the car park that served the Botanical Gardens and walked up the pathway until she had some cover from the road, before peeing into the drainage channel that ran by the side of the path. Once at the castle, Eve spent time looking around and bought a large coffee from the kiosk.. Whilst the coffee might have warmed Eve up, it pressed painfully on her bladder as she walked around the windswept battlements. Eve couldn’t stand it any longer and entered one of the little stone sentry posts and took a forceful standing pee on to the cobbles. Eve decided to take a trip on the cable car that ran down the side of the mountain. The view was spectacular despite the weather being overcast with some rain blowing in the wind. Eve had intended getting out and spending some time exploring but it was too cold and windy and so Eve just decided to return in the same car. The problem was that she now badly needed to pee and the climb back up was going to take quite a while. Eve solved the problem by taking a long pee on to the floor of the car and then leaving an empty water bottle on the floor by the puddle to make the puddle look like spillage.

Eve had managed to lose her way driving across town and stopped outside a very impressive looking park to use the toilets. Eve looked at the map of the park and then headed up towards the building where the toilets were housed. She was approached by a couple fitted the pickpockets' profile exactly that insisted on walking along with her. Eve was very uncomfortable as the people and so she made an excuse to change direction and headed back towards the entrance. She still needed to pee however and so squatted in the doorway of a lower level entrance to the building. As it was Eve’s last full day in Barcelona, she decided to take a drive along the seafront and stop for a coffee. The weather had now turned quite nasty and as she sipped her coffee at the beach cafe, she started to regret have gotten out of the car. However, she needed to pee and so was pleased to see a toilet just a few yards further along. She braved the strong wind and rain and walked to the toilet, only to find it locked up. Eve slipped down her panties and peed by the side of the toilet. Several people came into view, including a jogger, but Eve was able to use her umbrella to conceal her lower half as she pulled up her panties and smoothed down her skirt. Eve stopped at a supermarket on her way back to the hotel and parked in the multi-story garage. She decided to go to the loo before going down to the supermarket but lost her way and opened a door revealing a very grim looking metal spiral staircase, which presumably was a fire escape. Eve stood on the landing, with her bottom pushed out over the stairs and released a torrent of pee, which splashed noisily as it descended into the darkness below.

Roxy was in a hurry heading through town but she was desperate to pee and so took a quick detour into the park. Unfortunately for Roxy, the park was quite busy and so she had to go some way down the path to get away from the children playing and some elderly people out for a stroll. Roxy found a closed gateway, which afforded her a little cover, and so she lost no time in slipping down her trousers and panties before releasing a long pee on to the path. Roxy was on her morning break and headed into the park to read her newspaper. She realised too late that she should have used the toilet before leaving the office. After a while, the pressure on her bladder became too much and so Roxy had to walk up one of the less used paths and squat and pee on the path. Walking home through a smart residential part of town, Roxy became really desperate to pee. She waited until traffic had passed before squatting in front of one of the garage doors and taking a long pee, which streamed across the pavement and into the gutter.

It was a pleasant afternoon and Roxy was relaxing in the park, sitting on a swing and gently rocking back and forth. However, her pleasure was spoilt by her need to pee and so she walked a little way from the swings and took a long pee on the tarmac path, leaving rivulets of pee streaming down towards the grass verge. Roxy had an errand to do at the Trade Center but arrived to find the building closed for lunch and so she walked a little way from the front door and peed on the monobloc path. Roxy had a long wait for her bus and was really desperate to pee. There was an old lady waiting in the shelter and so Roxy headed around the back, hitched up her skirt, slipped down her panties, started to pee. Roxy did not see the man walking past on the path a few yards away but he must have got an excellent view.

Walking around a garden center, Roxy very badly needed to pee and so she squatted for a pee amongst some large pot plants. Roxy was walking through a residential area and took a detour up a small lane that ran between two of the houses, much to the annoyance of a dog in one of the gardens. Once passed the dog, Roxy squatted and peed on the path. Roxy had been out for a couple of drinks with friends and was getting a lift home. She was bursting to pee and asked the friend driving to pull over. Roxy hurried from the car and found a set of steps leading down from the road. She lost no time in pulling down her trousers and panties, leaning forward slightly and releasing a torrent of pee down the steps behind her.