PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 0
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 1
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 2
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 3
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 4
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 5
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 6
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 7
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 8
PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 9

We accompany the girls as they enjoy some of the picturesque attractions of the East Coast and join them dining out at a stylish waterfront restaurant in Edinburgh and trying their luck at the casino. Needless to say, the girls need to stop everywhere for a pee and we see them at their most daring yet charming. We bid them a fond farewell back at Prestwick but then rejoin Cassandra at Frankfurt where she takes a pee in the airport car park.

Chapter 1) The girls take a trip to the Museum of Flight and after looking around the exhibits for some time find that they are desperate to pee. They have to wait until a father and family move out of sight and then Eve takes cover under the wing of a Buccaneer fighter and takes a huge pee. Cassandra is in high spirits and insists on climbing on to the wing of the plane to pee. She has rather more trouble getting down, however.

Chapter 2) The girls take a trip to the village of Dirleton and head straight for the castle. There is a wedding reception taking place in a part of the castle garden and that part, which includes the toilets, is closed to the public. The castle is swarming with wedding guests but Eve climbs into a tiny chamber in the outer wall and pees on to the rock. Cassandra resists the temptation to add a pee scene to the wedding video and instead pees into the old well from the grating on the kitchen floor.

The girls walk around the castle but become tired of the crowds and so take a seat by the village green. They need a pee and seizing a quiet moment take turns to flood the ground under the bench that they are seated on.

They eventually manage to escape all the wedding guests and have a quiet cup of tea and sandwich in a small tearoom. Walking back to their car along the country lane they stop for a pee and first Cassandra and then Eve flood the tarmac with pee.

Chapter 3) The weather has become pleasant and the girls decide to have a day at Gullane beach. Cassandra has to pee on the sand and can’t be bothered to put her panties back on. Eve also takes a pee standing in the sand dunes as a group of people walk past along the waterline. The absence of panties doesn’t deter Cassandra from running and cavorting on the beach and shallow water and when she feels the need to pee again she only has to lift her hemline a little way and pee into the sea.

Chapter 4) The girls are heading back to their hotel but take a wrong turn. They are both desperate to pee again and so the walk into a park hoping that there might be a toilet or a least a private spot where they can empty their straining bladders. There is no toilet and the windows of the surrounding houses overlook the park. The girls just sit on a bench and take enormous pees on to the path in front of the bench.

Chapter 5) We follow the girls as they head out for dinner at a fashionable restaurant on the waterside. In probably the most daring and outrageous scenes of the shoot, the girls stroll out from the restaurant for a cigarette between courses and pee on the wharf. They must have been in view of some of their fellow diners and can be seen from another car park on the other side of the water. Wolf whistles and shouts can be heard from a group of young men on the other side as they see Cassandra peeing on the wharf.

After dinner, the girls try their luck at the casino. They don’t win any money but they do enjoy a few more drinks and come out in a silly mood. Cassandra climbs on the wall and then pees all over the pavement. Not to be outdone Eve stands up on the wall, removes her panties and pees from a standing position. Cassandra tries to catch the pee in an empty drinks can that was lying on the road.

Chapter 6) Sadly it’s time for the girls to return home. They stop for a cup of coffee at a garden centre close to Prestwick airport. As they head for their car they realise that they should have a pee before checking in for their flight. Cassandra and then Eve have a pee behind the waste bins in the car park.

Back in Frankfurt Cassandra heads straight for her car but realises how badly she needs to pee and so she takes a gushing pee beside her car in the airport car park.

PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 0
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 1
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 2
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 3
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 4
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 5
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 6
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 7
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 8
PJP-10 Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 1 9

Our most ambitious filming project up to that point in, we follow Eve & Cassandra from sunny Frankfurt and see them arrive at rainswept Prestwick Airport. We then spend a few days with them in Scotland as they travel from West to East and then enjoy the scenery and historic buildings of the East Lothian Coast, dine out at a stylish waterfront restaurant in Edinburgh. Needless to say, the girls need to stop everywhere for a pee and we see them at their most daring yet charming. We bid them a fond farewell back at Frankfurt where Cassandra takes a pee in the airport car park.

Chapter 1) We join the girls as they depart Frankfurt and arrive at rainy Prestwick. They head east stopping to visit Dun Donald Castle. Sheltering from the rain, Eve has a pee in Great Hall and Cassandra braves the weather to pee on the battlements. Halfway to Edinburgh, they stop at the motorway services. Desperate to pee they decide to go behind a truck rather than face the long walk to the building. Cassandra gives a departing bus a show and Eve is caught when the truck driver gets out of his cab. She is able to use her long hair to cover her blushes but nothing else.

Chapter 2) With the weather rather better the girls go to explore Linlithgow Palace, famous as the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. The palace is crowded with visitors but the girls are desperate to pee and first Cassandra and then Eve take turns to flood one of the spiral staircases. Later, the girls need to pee again and Eve pees in a drain on the rooftop walk whilst Cassandra insists on being silly and peeing from the steps of a tower.

Chapter 3) The girls continue their trip around the area and stop off at Blackness Castle. The cold wind blowing from the Forth discourages the girls from touring the grim fortress but they do take a quick walk around the exterior and pause to take a spectacular pee duet by the foot of the walls. The girls decide to head back to their hotel but lose their way and end up at Cramond. They are desperate to pee and so head for the toilet block but the Ladies is closed for maintenance and so they decide to use the Gents. Cassandra takes a huge pee into the stainless steel urinal but the sound of their laughter obviously travelled next door and one of the Council employees comes in and asks the girls to leave the Gents toilet. Absolutely desperate, Eve rushes out and pees bedside a bench on the foreshore.


Chapter 4) The girls finally make it to their hotel and can barely wait to get into their room to use the toilet. Eve pleads with Cassandra to let her go first and heads into the bathroom to take a much-need pee in the toilet. Cassandra can’t wait and pees into the waste bucket whilst Eve is using the toilet. The girls decide to forgo a full dinner and rather have a sandwich and a few drinks at the bar and then take a walk in the grounds of the hotel. The end up walking further than they had intended and before they reach the hotel entrance they are both desperate to pee. Eve squats in front of a car in the car park and takes a long pee. When Cassandra takes her turn she is caught in lights of a coach pulling out and it’s her turn to have a rather red face.

Chapter 5) The next day brings sunshine and the girls start off by exploring historic Duddingston Village and taking a stroll into the adjoining Royal Park where Eve pees by a boathouse and Cassandra pees into Duddingston Loch. Tired of driving, the girls take a bus ride down the coast to Prestongrange, a preserved mine working dating back to medieval times. Cassandra pees on the steps of one of the buildings but before Eve can go one of the custodians arrives to open the building. The girls move on quickly although the custodian doesn’t appear to notice that he has walked through Cassandra’s pee puddle. Eve waits until he is out of sight and takes a huge pee on an old staircase.

Chapter 6) The girls have travelled a bit further down the coast and now decide to take the train back into town. They arrive at the station desperate to pee but there are no longer toilets in outlying stations. Cassandra can’t take another step and pees a fountain on the platform as an express train hurtles through the station. They go into the waiting room an Eve pees an absolute flood on to the floor. The couple sitting outside must have heard the pee splattering and you can see the disapproving looks that they give the girls.

PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 0
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 1
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 2
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 3
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 4
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 5
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 6
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 7
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 8
PJP-09 Eve Meets Cassandra 9

Our long-term favourite model, lovely Eve makes her debut on full movie accompanied by Cassandra another long-term favourite model with Projectpee customers. If you enjoy seeing elegant sophisticated girls being very naughty and very daring in very public places this is a must-see movie for you. Singly and together the girls deliver a total of twenty-four huge gushing pees in a variety of locations. We are sure that this is a movie that you will want to watch and enjoy time after time

Chapter 1

We find Eve arriving at the airport car park, desperate to pee. She leaves her car and takes a pee by the gatehouse as the odd car drives past. Later she is having a long wait for the shuttle bus to the terminal and can’t wait any longer to pee and so she floods the floor of the waiting room, managing to soak her panties into the bargain. On her return from her trip, she is heading across the car park looking for her car and has to stop to take a huge pee on the tarmac. Finally, we find Eve at the rear of the airport looking for one of the handymen. She can’t find him but takes the opportunity to dive into a disused building for a much-needed and very long pee.

Chapter 2

Eve is waiting for someone on a piece of waste ground surrounding a fuel storage tank. She needs to pee but wants to check that no one can see her and so she climbs a few steps up the ladder to check the surrounding area. There is no one in sight and so she just releases a torrent of from her position on the ladder, leaving the ground below soaked. Eve next takes a detour around the back of an industrial unit and takes a huge arcing pee down some steps leading to a basement. Next, we find Eve filling her car up at the local garage. She needs to pee so badly that she can hardly stand still and finally leaves her car filling up and takes cover behind another fuel pump to takes a huge pee on the forecourt.

In the last scene of this chapter, Eve arrives at the supermarket and collects her trolley. She is desperate to pee and can’t wait till she gets inside to find a toilet. Instead, she takes a huge pee in the shelter where the trolleys are stored.

Chapter 3

Eve collects her friend Cassandra at the airport but they have hardly travelled any distance when both girls decide that they really have to pee. Eve pulls the car into a quiet area behind a hangar and the girls take turns to pee by the hangar door. Next, the girls drive to the car rental office. It is closed and they end up peeing in turn on the doorstep of the Hertz office.

Chapter 4

Eve takes Cassandra sightseeing and they visit the ancient castle, which dominates the small town. Enjoy some spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and then enjoy seeing first Cassandra and then Eve takes huge pees at the top of the tower. Before they can face the long descent back to the car park the girls need to pee again and they squat side by side over an old drainage channel. Cassandra manages to pee into the channel but most of Eve’s pee splashes on to the old flagstones.

Chapter 5

The girls have been out for a meal and should really have used the toilet before leaving the restaurant. As they walk across the town square they become increasingly desperate and have to stop at the edge of the square. First Eve and then Cassandra pee rivers onto the cobbles of a little lane leading into the square.

Cassandra is driving on to another town that evening and Eve leads her out on the route that she must take. They stop for a short walk and chat before Cassandra heads off and take the opportunity to have a pee in a picnic shelter by the busy road.

Chapter 6

On her journey, Cassandra becomes desperate to pee and pulls off the main road into a shopping centre. She can’t wait to look around for a shop that is still open and just squats over the gravel surface of an ornamental garden right in the middle of the shopping centre. Next, we find Eve at the entrance to a vineyard overlooking the beautiful Mosel valley. Whilst she waits for a lift up to the house she passes the time examining the vines. The chill air makes her realise how badly she needs to pee however and after fighting desperation for some time she finally just stands and pees a huge flood on to the dirt road. We next find Eve in a small town on the banks of the Mosel. She wanders through the busy streets and square for a while before slipping into a side street for a much-needed pee.

In the final scene of the movie, Eve is walking across the main bridge over the Mosel. She is so desperate to pee that she is having trouble even walking and finally she can go on no longer and ignoring the passing traffic she squats by the edge of the pavement and pees on to the side of the road. Feeling much better she continues her walk even pausing to admire the view of the river and a passing ship.

PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 0
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 1
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 2
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 3
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 4
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 5
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 6
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 7
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 8
PJP-08 Who Dares Pees Volume 3 9

Who Dares Pees Volume 3

The final instalment of Who Dares again featuring Jane, with 6 scenes from Tia and 4 scenes from Angel. Another marathon pee session with no less than 38 pee scenes in total.

  • 1) We catch up with Jane at the little market at the entrance to Glasgow Zoo Park. She pops in to use the temporary toilet but it is too disgusting and she pees by the side of her car instead. She pees in the busy car park of a shopping centre takes a lazy pee from the place where she is sunbathing in the grounds of Bothwell Castle. She has to stop when her car develops a problem and pees casually as she leans over the engine bay. She pees in the grounds of a visitor centre and finally stops off at a derelict building and pees into a sink.
  • 2) We join Tia for her final scenes. She takes a pee beside Loch Leven and returns to the car park to take a truly enormous pee. She can’t hold it whilst waiting for the bus and pees her pants at the bus stop. She stops her car and pees by the roadside. Waiting at another bus stop she casually floods the shelter as the traffic roars past. She takes her final pee by a low wall at a football match.
  • 3) We catch up with Angel as she staggers along the pathway by the sea wall and pauses to take a gushing pee. Seated on a fallen log, Angel releases a huge arc of pee. With her alcohol consumption now catching up with her, Angel she pauses for an unsteady pee in the street. Finally, she takes a standing pee, leaning back against a fence for support.
  • 4) We find Jane in the back streets and stopping to pee on the pavement. We see her take a couple of pees in the park. Next, we find her stopping to pee in the street and later taking another brazen pee in the gutter. She pees in a small alley. We next find Jane scrambling down the banking to pee out of sight of the crowds in the park. Finally, desperate Jane stops and pees into a broken drain right in the middle of the pavement.
  • 5) Jane takes a neat pee into a rubbish skip. Needing to pee Jane stops the Land Rover, opens the driver's door and simply pees a fountain on to the road. She takes a pee by an office door and later pees on the road. Out jogging, Jane nips into a parked burger van and pees on the floor. She takes a pee seated on a gate by the motorway and later stops and takes a much-needed standing pee on a country road.
  • 6) Jane has parked the Land Rover in a muddy track. To avoid stepping out into the mud she climbs over and pees out of the rear door. Walking through the woods Jane stops and sits on a log to pee. Later she sits and pees on the inscribed stone marking the entrance to the woodland. Jane squats and pees a couple of times whilst out and about and then pees on a bollard on a walkway by the River Clyde. In the last scene of the movie Jane is sitting on the parapet of a bridge enjoying the sunshine and she takes a pee into the stream below.  
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 0
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 1
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 2
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 3
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 4
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 5
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 6
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 7
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 8
PJP-07 Who Dares Pees Volume 2 9

The second instalment in the Who Dares trilogy adventures of Jane and this time we introduce Angel from Zimbabwe who brings her own rather distinctive style of peeing and we see the final two scenes from Julie. Another marathon pissing session from the amateur girls with no less than 36 separate pee scenes

Chapter 1) Julie takes her final pees for us; firstly on the remains of an old bandstand and lastly by the side of the path through the park.

Chapter 2) Jane makes a low-key start by stopping to take a pee on a wet country lane. She then is absolutely desperate at the station. She is bursting but can’t get to pee because of the number of people coming and going. Finally, she gets her chance and deluges the waiting area with pee. This scene was a great favourite amongst desperation fans. She sits on the bench in a busy country park and casually takes a big pee on to the path before strolling into the busy visitor centre and walking into the gents’ toilets and using the urinal. Later Jane was really desperate in the car park of the country park. Unfortunately, she could not avoid catching the interest of a voyeur and wherever she went he popped up. Finally, she ran down to the side of the lake and took a gushing pee into the water. If you look at the front of her skirt you will see the wet patch where she had started to dribble in her panties. Her final pee is a little less stressful and she can squat by the rear wheel of her Land Rover.

Chapter 3) Tia rushes back in and takes her first pee by the door of her car in the golf course car park. She soon needs to go again and pees on some parkland. Next, she rushes out of the back door of a pub, only pausing to piss a flood on to the external staircase. Later she pees behind the bins in another pub car park. Next Tia is at a much more picturesque location beside a historic spring and water supply. Tia is unimpressed by her surroundings and takes a huge pee into the water before going on to pee down the steps of a chute in a children’s play park.

Chapter 4) Jane takes a pee of a warehouse loading bay before heading east to visit Blackness Castle. She pees in one of the old cellars and then later decides to try out a medieval toilet. She goes on to take a standing pee against the bridge support at the preserved steam railway station before visiting Linlithgow Palace and peeing whilst seated on one of the floodlights. She stops off at a ruined church and avoiding the parts used for burials pees in a part of the old porch and then goes on to take an emergency pee by the roadside. Finally, we find her on the telephone at the railway station. She is absolutely desperate and ends up dropping her pants and peeing in the waiting room whilst carrying on with her phone call.

Chapter 5) Tia gets off to a flying start rushing down a pathway from her parked car and grabbing a tree for support as she takes an unusual standing pee. Next, she stops her car in a country lane and squeezes in between the garden fences and a small stream to have an emergency pee. Visiting Loch Leven, she sits on the outside wall of the old churchyard to take one of her typical gushers. Out in her car again she has to pull into the roadside and take cover behind a small building to relieve herself. Back at the lochside, she heads for the Ladies toilets only to find them closed. With too many people around to squat in the open she sits on the bench outside the toilets and pees on the ground. Next, we see Tia running up the steps of the tourist office. The building is closed and so Tia has no hesitation in peeing on their doorstep. Another dash down the steps at the nature reserve with only a brief pause to take a messy pee all over the steps. Still running, she breaks her return journey through the tunnel to stop and piss against the wall. She stops by the entrance to a warehouse that she uses but has forgotten her key and so pees again on the doorstep and further along the road she has to stop the car for another emergency pee. Finally, she stops off and pees in the doorway of a disused factory.


Chapter 6) Angel makes her debut. Just recently arrived from Africa, she is feeling the Scottish cold and has been fortifying herself against the chill with a few drinks. The combination of the liquid and the alcohol make her need to pee and she doesn’t much care where she does it. She pees by some yard gates and stops for another pee in the middle of the footpath and finally wanders on to the foreshore to in full view of everyone on the esplanade.

PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 0
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 1
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 2
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 3
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 4
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 5
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 6
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 7
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 8
PJP-06 Who Dares Pees Volume 1 P 9

A trip down Memory Lane the Who Dares Pees trilogy from the early days of Projectpee.

Filmed in the West of Scotland and Fife, Volume 1 follows the adventures of amateur girls Jane, a popular regular on Projectpee for some time, Tia the last of the amateur girls featured and a couple of scenes from Julie’s one and only shoot. These girls were genuine first-time amateurs and none of them had appeared on film before nor have since. The video is divided into six chapters and has a total of 35 pee scenes. As well as all these gushing pees there are lots of very genuine desperation scenes; remember these girls are neither actresses nor professional models, just everyday girls with bursting bladders. We have also left a few small ‘bloopers’ in for authenticity. 

Chapter 1) finds a nervous Jane on camera for the first time. She takes a pee beside the doors of a closed office. Getting a little more confident she then takes a pee in the grounds of an industrial museum, later peeing down a pub fire escape, stopping for a huge emergency pee on a path beside the busy motorway, takes some relief on a piece of waste ground and finally takes a huge pee in the car park of a fashionable golf course.

Chapter 2) Jane has to avoid the attention of a watcher before she can take a pee by the side of a new industrial estate. She gets a little more peace to have her next pee by some factory gates before going on to deliver a standing gusher behind a derelict house, take a huge arcing pee off a low wall, take an enormous pee through the broken floor of a partially renovated house, wash down the steps of a factory entrance with pee and finally drench the steps (and cameraman) leading to an old crypt.

Chapter 3) Introduces Tia. Not our most elegant or ladylike model, Tia rushes around in a perpetual state of pee desperation pausing only briefly to spray torrents of pee wherever she happens to be. She starts a little hesitantly peeing by the door of a stately home and then by a warehouse. Suddenly the hesitation disappears and she goes on to gush pee at the entrance to cave, flood the interior of a small boat, hose down the steps to the foreshore and finally soak the entrance to a park pavilion.

Chapter 4) Really getting into her stride now, we see Jane take a casual standing pee through the fence of a riverside walkway, pee by the closed toilets of a landmark monument, pee onto the basement of one of the lodges, risk life and limb by taking a huge arcing pee from the balcony of the monument on to the courtyard far below, pee into another basement, do her best to raise the water level of a small stream by taking a huge standing pee off the bridge and finally squat by the pathway of the country park.

Chapter 5) It’s a wet day and Jane takes cover from the rain and pees down the staircase of a block of flats before going on to pee on the floor of the glass house at the botanical garden. In her most daring scene so far she actually pees on the floor of an exhibit at the industrial history museum before going on to soak the floor of a phone box and finally take a casual pee into the gutter of a city street.

Chapter 6) Another wet day and Jane stops to pee in the street again before going on to squat outside a glass-fronted office block.

Julie makes her first appearance accompanied by her friend Michelle. The park toilets are closed and whilst Michelle keeps watch Julie slips behind the building to pee in the corner. Later, Michelle is on watch again as Julie uses the bushes as a makeshift toilet.

PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 0
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 2
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 3
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 4
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 5
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 6
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 7
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 8
PJP-05 Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 9

Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 2 


This is the second volume, again featuring Katharina, Isabelle, Gina and Joanne. If you enjoyed the first volume you will love the second. The movie is divided into 5 sequences and contains 23 varied pee scenes. Sometimes shy, sometimes very naughty

Isabelle pees in the doorway of a disused gatehouse, Katharina takes a huge pee on the steps at the rear entrance to a supermarket, Gina pees on a wooden bench and Isabelle peeing between a couple of trucks.

Sequence 1 begins with Joanne taking a pee on a loading ramp of a warehouse,

Sequence 2 finds Isabelle peeing on a railway line, Katharina taking a pee on a piece of site equipment, Katharina slips out of her tight jogging gear to take a pee, Katharina pees standing up whilst out jogging and Isabelle pees in a garden centre.

Sequence 3 finds Gina taking a pee by the entrance to the University, Katharina takes a pee on the railway tracks, Isabelle pees standing behind a container, Katharine pees against a tree and finally whilst seated at a bus stop.

Sequence 4 finds Katharina peeing by a lake, Isabelle peeing down the steps to the river, Gina having a sneaky pee in a basement area and Joanne creating a pee flood at a warehouse door.

Sequence 5 finds Katharina peeing behind a small preserved fragment of the Berlin Wall, Isabelle peeing by the car door as the traffic rushes past and concludes with Katharina peeing by the supermarket trolleys.

PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  0
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  1
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  2
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  3
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  4
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  5
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  6
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  7
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  8
PJP-04  Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 1  9

Please Note That Is Not A Compilation Of Parts From Other Movies. None Of The Scenes Appear In Any Other Full Movie.

This is the first of two compilation movies featuring the solo pissing adventures of our lovely young girls Katharina, Gina & Isabelle with additional scenes from Mona and Joanne.
The movie contains no less than 21 gushing pee scenes with the added bonus of 2 scenes from Isabelle where the volume of pee was a bit below par.

Divided into four sequences, Sequence 1 introduces all the girls and includes 6 pee scenes. We find Mona peeing in a Business park, Joanne peeing by warehouse doors, Isabelle taking a pee in a suburban car park, Katharina peeing on the steps of a block of flats, Gina peeing in a factory car park and finally Katharina peeing inside an empty flat.

Sequence 2 finds Isabelle peeing inside a shelter, Katharina peeing in a bus shelter, Isabelle peeing on a park bench, Katharina peeing by some gates and Gina peeing by an underground station entrance.

Sequence 3 finds Joanne peeing in a shopping centre, Isabelle climbing to the top of a hunting tower and peeing on the platform, Katharina peeing by a transformer, Katharina peeing on the path of an empty house and Isabelle peeing by some parked trailers.

Sequence 4 finds Isabelle peeing in a parking garage, Isabelle peeing in an office plaza, Katharina leaving the gym and pausing to pee in the street by a parked lorry, Katharina peeing in a business park and Katharina peeing in a car sales lot as she looks for some new transport. Also included are two scenes from Isabelle where she does a small pee in a plaza and a Business Park.

You can also enjoy the trailer for PJP-03 Carla & Friends Need To Go and the trailer for Projectpee Compilation Movie Volume 2, in full DVD quality.


65:14 minutesOutdoors, Peeing, Teen
PJP-03 0
PJP-03 1
PJP-03 2
PJP-03 3
PJP-03 4
PJP-03 5
PJP-03 6
PJP-03 7
PJP-03 8
PJP-03 9


Starring one of our early amateurs Carla, a lovely 19 yr old brunette, aided and abetted by her friend Kim and joined for a brief visit by Shelley. Filmed in a variety of picturesque and historical locations and consisting of 18 scenes, which include 30 gushing pees. You will be amazed by the volume of pee that such a petite girl as Carla can produce.

The opening scene finds Carla and Kim walking along a coastal path towards the local station. Kim has not had a chance to visit the toilet this morning and so she goes down onto the sand and relieves herself of about 12 hours worth of pent up pee.

We find the girls putting off time at a preserved mine working before catching their train and this time it is Carla that is desperate. Too shy to ask any of the staff if there is a toilet available she prefers to go behind a building and takes a huge pee on a concrete step.

We join the girls taking a walk down a country lane. Carla needs to pee and encouraged by Kim slips into a small park and pees on the grass while Kim keeps waits. Kim decides that she needs a pee as well and they change places, allowing Kim to take a big gusher on the path.

The girls visit a well-known castle. They climb to the top of the tower to admire the spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. They both need to pee and provide a couple of spectacular views of their own as they pee profusely at the top of the tower.

After their tour of the castle, the girls relax with a picnic and a bottle of wine at the base of the ancient walls. The only thing that is spoiling their relaxation is their desperate need to pee but they soon remedy that by peeing daringly under the very noses of the myriad of visitors.

This scene finds Kim walking home along a busy country road. She needs to pee and conceals herself behind a farm tanker in a lay-by.

Carla is very naughty and daring in this scene. Waiting for the train at the local station she is bursting for a pee and, with passengers on the platform, slips into the waiting room and does a huge pee on the floor.

The girls are waiting for their bus in a very public area and both are desperate to pee. They have to scramble out of sight behind some concrete bollards and squeeze themselves into a small corner where they squat side by side. Kim sprays pee out so hard that she splashes Carla’s feet.

Kim is heading to meet Carla and runs into Shelley whom she knows from school days. Shelley confesses to being desperate to pee but Kim has difficulty in persuading her to use the great outdoors. Finally, she reluctantly squats in the corner of an old railway wagon and leaves a messy puddle on the floor. Carla appears and all three girls go for a walk. Kim needs a pee and simply has a squat on an old brick staircase. Soon Carla is desperate as well and retreats into an old kiln where she gushes unbelievably on to the ancient dust floor.

Carla has borrowed her uncle’s rather smart BMW. She heads off to meet a couple of friends and of course show off the car. She needs a pee however and rather than spoil her grand arrival by having to rush off to the nearest toilet she slips into a quiet road end and has a pee behind the car door.

Later in the day Carla is out again in the BMW and so desperate for the toilet that she is nearly peeing her pants. She swings into the car park of a disused café and relieves herself in the corner and not a moment too soon judging by the torrent of pee.

Innocent as she might look, Carla can be a naughty girl at times and in this scene she hurries Kim out of the phone box in a lovely conservation village, not to use the phone but to do a huge pee in the box.

The girls arrive at the castle and spend a relaxing time walking around and sipping wine in the garden. The toilets are far away at the main entrance and Carla really needs to pee. The number of visitors makes it impossible to find a quiet corner and finally, she takes a real chance and pees in one of the old bedchambers. Kim is placed at the door to keep it shut and fortunately, she is both a substantially built and quick thinking girl as some tourists try to come into the room. She makes an excuse about filming and the tourists apologise and move on. This was not staged and gave us all a very nasty moment. We left an empty water bottle on the floor to try to disguise the origin of the huge puddle left there.

 Returning from their visit to the castle, all the liquid that they consumed as caught up with them again and they stop for a pee. The girls walk a good way up the path and take cover in the bushes.

Kim is waiting for Carla to pick her up in the car. Carla arrives but before she can continue has to dive into the car park for a pee. They drive off but Kim now regrets not having relieved herself at the same time and so Carla pulls into a lay-by and lets Kim have a pee by the wall.

Carla has arrived a little early to meet her friends and have a stroll in the country park. The park does not open for another 10 minutes or so and the toilets are inside. Carla can’t wait that long and finds a secluded corner to pee in. She does an incredibly forceful stream on to the ground, proving just how desperate she was.

Another castle visit for the girls and this time to a rather remote stronghold perched on a hillside. They have to leave the car at the foot of the hill and make their way up on foot. Kim needs a pee but they are in the open country and despite its remote location there are a lot of visitors in the area, Finally, they arrive at the ruin, which as no toilet facilities, and Kim has to perch on a broken ledge to keep out of sight while she pees. Once inside, Carla takes the opportunity to pee on the floor of a roofless chamber before more visitors arrive. Once outside Kim takes what cover she can by the back of the mighty walls and pees on an old step. The girls then make their way back to the car and Carla decides that she needs to relieve herself before driving away. She squats by the car door and starts to pee but suddenly two people appear. Carla stuffs her panties up under her short skirt and sits on the car seat trying to appear casual. How much they actually viewed we don’t know.

The girls are taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through the woods and Kim needs a pee. Kim assumes a high squat and does a gusher into a big puddle on the path. A little further on Carla takes advantage of the cover of an uprooted tree to squat prettily and pee in the shade.



PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  0
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  1
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  2
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  3
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  4
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  5
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  6
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  7
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  8
PJP02DL A Wet Week With Cassandra & Mila  9

Starring one of our most daring girls ever, the fabulous Cassandra with her almost as daring friend Mila and four additional pee scenes from Magda. A total of twenty-six gushing pees in the most daring locations. Filmed entirely in Germany. 1 hour of running time.

 Scene 1)

This scene finds the girls relaxing by the riverbank. Ignoring the nearby anglers first Mila and the Cassandra pee by the river.

Walking back both girls have to pee again and flood a station platform and steps.



We find the girls out and about in business attire. Mila has a daring pee into a water feature outside an office block and then Cassandra has an exuberant pee whilst seated on a brick plinth. The girls then go on to perform a fantastic pee duet outside an office building.


Scene 3)

Mila is very rude and pees whilst sitting on a bench at a bus stop. A couple of passers-by have to splash through her puddle. Cassandra retrains herself on this occasion and waits until she reaches the relative privacy of a builders yard before peeing a flood on the ground. Mila then dives down some underpass stairs and pees a river down them. Further along the road, Cassandra stops to relieve herself by a tree, in full view of the road.


Scene 4)

Cassandra needs to make a phone call and also to pee. She makes her call whilst taking a flamboyant pee all over the phone box.


Scene 5)

Mila can’t wait for a second longer and dives a little out of sight to pee in the street. She just manages to get her panties out of the way in time.


Scene 6)

Another fabulous pee duet; this time on the platform of a busy station. The girls absolutely soak the ground around the shelter.


Scene 7)

A great desperation scene from Mila, culminating in a dash behind some rubbish bins to take a huge gushing pee.


Scene 8)

Cassandra at her most flamboyant and daring sits on a bench in the street, with her legs in the air and spray out pee like a fountain. Relief does not last long however and soon Cassandra is desperate again. This time she squats at the top of a flight of steps and takes probably her longest pee of the movie. She has to stop a couple of times as traffic passes and finally leaves the steps and pavement beneath absolutely flooded with pee.


Scene 9)

Mila, who had been acting as a lookout for Cassandra, was now nearly at bursting point and run across the road, barely having time to pull down her panties before releasing a pee torrent that goes on forever. There is nothing faked about the relief that she shows.


Scene 10)

The girls are in a multi-storey car park and desperate to pee. Flamboyant as always Cassandra stops and directs a jet of pee through the railings and down into the stairwell. A little more restrained Mila waits till they reach their floor before taking a neat pee into the drain.


Scene 11)

We leave Cassandra & Mila and join Magda for the final four pee scenes. We find Magda out and about in her business suit. She finds the first office she tries to visit closed and takes a pee on the doorstep. Magda has no more luck at her second appointment and has to jump up on a bench behind a pillar to take a pee. Magda next pees down the entrance steps of an impressive office block. For her last scene, Magda pees from a standing position down through some staircase railings into a basement.