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A trip down Memory Lane the Who Dares Pees trilogy from the early days of Projectpee.

Filmed in the West of Scotland and Fife, Volume 1 follows the adventures of amateur girls Jane, a popular regular on Projectpee for some time, Tia the last of the amateur girls featured and a couple of scenes from Julie’s one and only shoot. These girls were genuine first-time amateurs and none of them had appeared on film before nor have since. The video is divided into six chapters and has a total of 35 pee scenes. As well as all these gushing pees there are lots of very genuine desperation scenes; remember these girls are neither actresses nor professional models, just everyday girls with bursting bladders. We have also left a few small ‘bloopers’ in for authenticity. 

Chapter 1) finds a nervous Jane on camera for the first time. She takes a pee beside the doors of a closed office. Getting a little more confident she then takes a pee in the grounds of an industrial museum, later peeing down a pub fire escape, stopping for a huge emergency pee on a path beside the busy motorway, takes some relief on a piece of waste ground and finally takes a huge pee in the car park of a fashionable golf course.

Chapter 2) Jane has to avoid the attention of a watcher before she can take a pee by the side of a new industrial estate. She gets a little more peace to have her next pee by some factory gates before going on to deliver a standing gusher behind a derelict house, take a huge arcing pee off a low wall, take an enormous pee through the broken floor of a partially renovated house, wash down the steps of a factory entrance with pee and finally drench the steps (and cameraman) leading to an old crypt.

Chapter 3) Introduces Tia. Not our most elegant or ladylike model, Tia rushes around in a perpetual state of pee desperation pausing only briefly to spray torrents of pee wherever she happens to be. She starts a little hesitantly peeing by the door of a stately home and then by a warehouse. Suddenly the hesitation disappears and she goes on to gush pee at the entrance to cave, flood the interior of a small boat, hose down the steps to the foreshore and finally soak the entrance to a park pavilion.

Chapter 4) Really getting into her stride now, we see Jane take a casual standing pee through the fence of a riverside walkway, pee by the closed toilets of a landmark monument, pee onto the basement of one of the lodges, risk life and limb by taking a huge arcing pee from the balcony of the monument on to the courtyard far below, pee into another basement, do her best to raise the water level of a small stream by taking a huge standing pee off the bridge and finally squat by the pathway of the country park.

Chapter 5) It’s a wet day and Jane takes cover from the rain and pees down the staircase of a block of flats before going on to pee on the floor of the glass house at the botanical garden. In her most daring scene so far she actually pees on the floor of an exhibit at the industrial history museum before going on to soak the floor of a phone box and finally take a casual pee into the gutter of a city street.

Chapter 6) Another wet day and Jane stops to pee in the street again before going on to squat outside a glass-fronted office block.

Julie makes her first appearance accompanied by her friend Michelle. The park toilets are closed and whilst Michelle keeps watch Julie slips behind the building to pee in the corner. Later, Michelle is on watch again as Julie uses the bushes as a makeshift toilet.