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The second instalment in the Who Dares trilogy adventures of Jane and this time we introduce Angel from Zimbabwe who brings her own rather distinctive style of peeing and we see the final two scenes from Julie. Another marathon pissing session from the amateur girls with no less than 36 separate pee scenes

Chapter 1) Julie takes her final pees for us; firstly on the remains of an old bandstand and lastly by the side of the path through the park.

Chapter 2) Jane makes a low-key start by stopping to take a pee on a wet country lane. She then is absolutely desperate at the station. She is bursting but can’t get to pee because of the number of people coming and going. Finally, she gets her chance and deluges the waiting area with pee. This scene was a great favourite amongst desperation fans. She sits on the bench in a busy country park and casually takes a big pee on to the path before strolling into the busy visitor centre and walking into the gents’ toilets and using the urinal. Later Jane was really desperate in the car park of the country park. Unfortunately, she could not avoid catching the interest of a voyeur and wherever she went he popped up. Finally, she ran down to the side of the lake and took a gushing pee into the water. If you look at the front of her skirt you will see the wet patch where she had started to dribble in her panties. Her final pee is a little less stressful and she can squat by the rear wheel of her Land Rover.

Chapter 3) Tia rushes back in and takes her first pee by the door of her car in the golf course car park. She soon needs to go again and pees on some parkland. Next, she rushes out of the back door of a pub, only pausing to piss a flood on to the external staircase. Later she pees behind the bins in another pub car park. Next Tia is at a much more picturesque location beside a historic spring and water supply. Tia is unimpressed by her surroundings and takes a huge pee into the water before going on to pee down the steps of a chute in a children’s play park.

Chapter 4) Jane takes a pee of a warehouse loading bay before heading east to visit Blackness Castle. She pees in one of the old cellars and then later decides to try out a medieval toilet. She goes on to take a standing pee against the bridge support at the preserved steam railway station before visiting Linlithgow Palace and peeing whilst seated on one of the floodlights. She stops off at a ruined church and avoiding the parts used for burials pees in a part of the old porch and then goes on to take an emergency pee by the roadside. Finally, we find her on the telephone at the railway station. She is absolutely desperate and ends up dropping her pants and peeing in the waiting room whilst carrying on with her phone call.

Chapter 5) Tia gets off to a flying start rushing down a pathway from her parked car and grabbing a tree for support as she takes an unusual standing pee. Next, she stops her car in a country lane and squeezes in between the garden fences and a small stream to have an emergency pee. Visiting Loch Leven, she sits on the outside wall of the old churchyard to take one of her typical gushers. Out in her car again she has to pull into the roadside and take cover behind a small building to relieve herself. Back at the lochside, she heads for the Ladies toilets only to find them closed. With too many people around to squat in the open she sits on the bench outside the toilets and pees on the ground. Next, we see Tia running up the steps of the tourist office. The building is closed and so Tia has no hesitation in peeing on their doorstep. Another dash down the steps at the nature reserve with only a brief pause to take a messy pee all over the steps. Still running, she breaks her return journey through the tunnel to stop and piss against the wall. She stops by the entrance to a warehouse that she uses but has forgotten her key and so pees again on the doorstep and further along the road she has to stop the car for another emergency pee. Finally, she stops off and pees in the doorway of a disused factory.


Chapter 6) Angel makes her debut. Just recently arrived from Africa, she is feeling the Scottish cold and has been fortifying herself against the chill with a few drinks. The combination of the liquid and the alcohol make her need to pee and she doesn’t much care where she does it. She pees by some yard gates and stops for another pee in the middle of the footpath and finally wanders on to the foreshore to in full view of everyone on the esplanade.