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Who Dares Pees Volume 3

The final instalment of Who Dares again featuring Jane, with 6 scenes from Tia and 4 scenes from Angel. Another marathon pee session with no less than 38 pee scenes in total.

  • 1) We catch up with Jane at the little market at the entrance to Glasgow Zoo Park. She pops in to use the temporary toilet but it is too disgusting and she pees by the side of her car instead. She pees in the busy car park of a shopping centre takes a lazy pee from the place where she is sunbathing in the grounds of Bothwell Castle. She has to stop when her car develops a problem and pees casually as she leans over the engine bay. She pees in the grounds of a visitor centre and finally stops off at a derelict building and pees into a sink.
  • 2) We join Tia for her final scenes. She takes a pee beside Loch Leven and returns to the car park to take a truly enormous pee. She can’t hold it whilst waiting for the bus and pees her pants at the bus stop. She stops her car and pees by the roadside. Waiting at another bus stop she casually floods the shelter as the traffic roars past. She takes her final pee by a low wall at a football match.
  • 3) We catch up with Angel as she staggers along the pathway by the sea wall and pauses to take a gushing pee. Seated on a fallen log, Angel releases a huge arc of pee. With her alcohol consumption now catching up with her, Angel she pauses for an unsteady pee in the street. Finally, she takes a standing pee, leaning back against a fence for support.
  • 4) We find Jane in the back streets and stopping to pee on the pavement. We see her take a couple of pees in the park. Next, we find her stopping to pee in the street and later taking another brazen pee in the gutter. She pees in a small alley. We next find Jane scrambling down the banking to pee out of sight of the crowds in the park. Finally, desperate Jane stops and pees into a broken drain right in the middle of the pavement.
  • 5) Jane takes a neat pee into a rubbish skip. Needing to pee Jane stops the Land Rover, opens the driver's door and simply pees a fountain on to the road. She takes a pee by an office door and later pees on the road. Out jogging, Jane nips into a parked burger van and pees on the floor. She takes a pee seated on a gate by the motorway and later stops and takes a much-needed standing pee on a country road.
  • 6) Jane has parked the Land Rover in a muddy track. To avoid stepping out into the mud she climbs over and pees out of the rear door. Walking through the woods Jane stops and sits on a log to pee. Later she sits and pees on the inscribed stone marking the entrance to the woodland. Jane squats and pees a couple of times whilst out and about and then pees on a bollard on a walkway by the River Clyde. In the last scene of the movie Jane is sitting on the parapet of a bridge enjoying the sunshine and she takes a pee into the stream below.