PJP-11  Eve & Cassandra's Scottish Pee Tour Volume 2 0
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We accompany the girls as they enjoy some of the picturesque attractions of the East Coast and join them dining out at a stylish waterfront restaurant in Edinburgh and trying their luck at the casino. Needless to say, the girls need to stop everywhere for a pee and we see them at their most daring yet charming. We bid them a fond farewell back at Prestwick but then rejoin Cassandra at Frankfurt where she takes a pee in the airport car park.

Chapter 1) The girls take a trip to the Museum of Flight and after looking around the exhibits for some time find that they are desperate to pee. They have to wait until a father and family move out of sight and then Eve takes cover under the wing of a Buccaneer fighter and takes a huge pee. Cassandra is in high spirits and insists on climbing on to the wing of the plane to pee. She has rather more trouble getting down, however.

Chapter 2) The girls take a trip to the village of Dirleton and head straight for the castle. There is a wedding reception taking place in a part of the castle garden and that part, which includes the toilets, is closed to the public. The castle is swarming with wedding guests but Eve climbs into a tiny chamber in the outer wall and pees on to the rock. Cassandra resists the temptation to add a pee scene to the wedding video and instead pees into the old well from the grating on the kitchen floor.

The girls walk around the castle but become tired of the crowds and so take a seat by the village green. They need a pee and seizing a quiet moment take turns to flood the ground under the bench that they are seated on.

They eventually manage to escape all the wedding guests and have a quiet cup of tea and sandwich in a small tearoom. Walking back to their car along the country lane they stop for a pee and first Cassandra and then Eve flood the tarmac with pee.

Chapter 3) The weather has become pleasant and the girls decide to have a day at Gullane beach. Cassandra has to pee on the sand and can’t be bothered to put her panties back on. Eve also takes a pee standing in the sand dunes as a group of people walk past along the waterline. The absence of panties doesn’t deter Cassandra from running and cavorting on the beach and shallow water and when she feels the need to pee again she only has to lift her hemline a little way and pee into the sea.

Chapter 4) The girls are heading back to their hotel but take a wrong turn. They are both desperate to pee again and so the walk into a park hoping that there might be a toilet or a least a private spot where they can empty their straining bladders. There is no toilet and the windows of the surrounding houses overlook the park. The girls just sit on a bench and take enormous pees on to the path in front of the bench.

Chapter 5) We follow the girls as they head out for dinner at a fashionable restaurant on the waterside. In probably the most daring and outrageous scenes of the shoot, the girls stroll out from the restaurant for a cigarette between courses and pee on the wharf. They must have been in view of some of their fellow diners and can be seen from another car park on the other side of the water. Wolf whistles and shouts can be heard from a group of young men on the other side as they see Cassandra peeing on the wharf.

After dinner, the girls try their luck at the casino. They don’t win any money but they do enjoy a few more drinks and come out in a silly mood. Cassandra climbs on the wall and then pees all over the pavement. Not to be outdone Eve stands up on the wall, removes her panties and pees from a standing position. Cassandra tries to catch the pee in an empty drinks can that was lying on the road.

Chapter 6) Sadly it’s time for the girls to return home. They stop for a cup of coffee at a garden centre close to Prestwick airport. As they head for their car they realise that they should have a pee before checking in for their flight. Cassandra and then Eve have a pee behind the waste bins in the car park.

Back in Frankfurt Cassandra heads straight for her car but realises how badly she needs to pee and so she takes a gushing pee beside her car in the airport car park.