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We are delighted to present the full movie version of what was one of our most difficult film shoots. Starring Eve, who never fails to deliver a superb performance however difficult the circumstances and Genevieve who had never filmed an outdoor pee movie before but nevertheless managed a very creditable performance the movie is set against the spectacular background of the heart of Paris and follows the girls as they visit the many well-known Parisian landmarks. Scene after scene of stylish and very daring peeing action. In fact, some of the action is a lot more daring than we intended, thanks to being stuck in the heavy traffic, necessitating some emergency stops and very audacious public scenes. Volume 1 has extended footage of the scenes, which were originally released in the Members Area of the old Projectpee site, plus a previously unreleased scene where Genevieve gets caught with her trousers down and has to stop peeing and dress very quickly.

 The Movie Runs For 57 Mins 27 And Contains 23 Pee Scenes.

Chapter 1) We join the girls on the embankment under the shadow of Notre Dame and see Eve dodge the throng of tourists to take a pee on the embankment steps. Someone appears and the girls move along the embankment until they reach a slightly secluded area where some guys are sunbathing. As the guys are of the ‘other persuasion’ they take no interest in the girls and Genevieve manages to take a quick pee in a corner. Before leaving the embankment Genevieve needs to go again and squats between parked cars on the ramp leading down to the river. Eve has to take a pee in a smelly corner near some waste bins right by the bridge. Finally, we see Genevieve make a couple of abortive attempts to find a place to pee in the busy street before finding a quiet side street and dropping her trousers and panties. You will see a parked car sitting with its hazard lights flashing. Just as Genevieve starts to pee the people come back to the car and she has to pull up her clothes very quickly and beat a hasty retreat.

Chapter 2) The girls are out for a walk, heading for the Eiffel Tower. Desperate Genevieve has to take a detour into a park and pee on the grass. As the girls continue walking they reach a steep flight of steps. Halfway up Eve finds walking too uncomfortable with an overfull bladder and so she takes a long pee into the gutter running down the side of the steps. Genevieve makes it to the top but then squats and pees on the pavement. The girls finally arrive at the Eiffel Tower but find a huge queue to enter and the toilets are on the other side of the barrier. Eve is desperate and sits on a bench to pee. She manages to pee quite a lot before someone appears and she has to get up and walk away from the bench. As soon as the person is out of sight she returns and finishes her pee. Genevieve managed to find a small entrance to the gardens of the flats by the Tower and took a long pee on the pathway.

 Chapter 3) The girls walk down Boulevard Haussmann and decide to have a stroll in the adjacent park. They need a pee and head for what they think looks like the toilets. However, it is a small house, perhaps the accommodation of the park keeper. Eve takes a long pee on the steps. Genevieve is desperate too and sits on a bench to relieve the pressure on her bladder. She decides just to take a pee there and pulls the crotch of her panties to one side and empties her bladder on to the gravel. As they circle round the park, Eve is desperate again but there are quite a few people around and very little cover. Eve stands close to a statue and takes a huge pee.

Chapter 4) As the girls leave the park they pass the little house again and this time it’s Genevieve who pees on the drive leading to the lock-up garage. Later, the girls are heading for lunch and cross another park. Genevieve needs a pee and follows the sign for toilets. The toilets appear to be underground down a foul-smelling stairway. Genevieve prefers to pee on the path outside. Eve intends to wait until she reaches the restaurant but when they arrive at the rather smart looking establishment, it is not open yet. Eve slips into the garden and floods the cellar hatches.

Chapter 5) The girls head for Montmartre but the traffic is very heavy and they are stuck in jam after jam. Eve can’t wait any longer and has to rush from the car and squat down in the gutter between the parked cars as traffic drives past. This was not planned but Eve could wait no longer. A little further on Genevieve is in dire straits too. She gets out of the car looking for a café where she can use the toilet but without success. With nowhere else to go she drops her panties and pees on the pavement. The girls finally make it to Montmartre and head for the museum. Eve wants to go into the museum but Genevieve suggests going for a quick lunch first. Eve is desperate for a pee and squats down in the doorway of the museum whilst Genevieve is still debating what to do first.

 Chapter 6) After visiting Montmartre the girls walk back to their car but Genevieve has to pee urgently and so she heads for a piece of parkland and takes a very long pee on the grass. Later we see the girls walking through a smart residential area. Eve is desperate to pee and dives into the driveway leading to a garage and takes a long pee into the drain in front of the garage door. A collection of discarded tissues in the drive suggests that she is not the first to use the driveway as a makeshift toilet. The girls' last visit of the day is to the La Defense district. They get somewhat lost en route and arrive desperate to pee. Genevieve goes on the pavement after having to wait until some has entered a parking garage. A downpour of rain starts and so Eve takes shelter under a walkway to take an enormous pee.