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A compilation of scenes from popular models Samantha, Renee, Yvette, Salma, Juliette and appearances from real-life sisters Helen & Kelly. Filming took place in Germany, England, Austria and Mallorca.

The movie contains twenty-seven pee scenes and runs for approx. 90 minute

Chapter 1) introduces all the girls and we first see Yvette stop her car on a country road and pee in the roadway. Next, we join Helen & Kelly on a visit to Hampstead Heath and see first Kelly and then Helen pee in the woodlands. Next, we join the stunning Spanish model Salma on a visit to a German palace. She can’t find a toilet and pees in the gardens. Next Juliette arrives too early at the supermarket and pees by the side of the building whilst she waits for it to open. We join Sam on a stroll along the banks of the Danube and see her pee in the grass. Finally, we join Renee who is holidaying in Mallorca. She returns to her villa but hasn’t taken her key and so has to pees on the doorstep.

Chapter 2) rejoins Yvette in the laundry room of her apartment block. She needs to pee but is in too much of a hurry to go back upstairs and so pees neatly into the floor drain. Sam is out by the Danube again and pauses to take a huge gushing pee in the middle of a small bridge. Still out and about in the country, Sam next takes a huge pee in the middle of the footpath. Finally, we see Renee heading to visit a neighbouring villa. There’s no one at home and so Renee takes a huge pee outside the gates.

Chapter 3) finds Yvette waiting for the train at a tiny country station. She badly needs to pee and so squats over the snowy ground outside the shelter. Still in the snow, we see Yvette stop and pee on a roadside path whilst out for a walk. Next, we see Yvette arrive at the supermarket desperate to pee and so she pees in the snow-covered car park. Yvette braves the snow again for her final scene of this chapter and pees on the stairway of a park.


Chapter 4) we join Sam on a visit to the famous Vienna Prater and see her dodge the crowds to take a pee from a seated position on a low wall. Later, she sits on a boulder by the taxi rank and pees as a police car drives past. Next, we see Sam pause on the banks of the Danube and take a long arcing pee into the river. Finally, we see Sam take a daring pee by the side of her car at a waterside picnic area whilst people sit around in the area enjoying the sun.


Chapter 5) we rejoin Yvette on another snowy day and see her stop and burn a pee hole in the snow. Finally, out of the snow, we see Yvette desperate to pee in the basement of her building and using a small bucket as an emergency toilet. Yvette seems to love the snow so much that we find her strolling naked in the whirling snowflakes and pausing to melt some snow with her hot pee. In complete contrast we see Renee in the Mallorcan sunshine, squatting down by some rocks to take a discrete pee on the beach. There’s nothing discrete about Renee’s next pee as she stands naked on top of a rocky outcrop and sends a spectacular arc of pee out on to the sand below.


Chapter 6) we find Sam out walking along a country road and see her pause to take one of her trademark huge pees in the middle of the road. Later, she stops again to empty her bladder on to the roadway and leaves another huge wet patch. Finally, we see Sam out walking in the rain under the shelter of her umbrella and stopping to pee in a country lane.