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Running time is 1 hour 13 minutes, which includes 30 pee scenes. Dialogue is in English.

We join the girls as they wander around an old part of town in search of a toilet. They find one and head straight in. The smell is so bad that Eve goes back outside whilst Ewa won't use the filthy toilet and pees n the floor. When Ewa emerges, Eve points out that she had used the Gents toilet and that the Ladies was next door. Eve headed into the Ladies but came out very quickly, complaining that it smelled even worse than the Gents and so Eve peed into a drain outside. As he girls were going out for the evening, they started to make their way back to the hotel but long before they reached their destination Ewa needed to pee and so she hurried into a country park and peed on the pathway. The girls carried on back towards the hotel but had to stop at Qwara, a little way before their destination. Eve peed into the sea and Ewa flooded the steps to the foreshore.

The girls had booked a table at the famous Medina Restaurant in M'dina, the "silent city", which was the ancient capital of Malta. They had a couple of drinks at the bar before heading out to their car and walking in the cooler night air made them realise that they both needed to pee. When they arrived at the car park, Eve hitched up her long evening dress and squatted in a corner. As soon as she finished, Ewa took her turn to pee. The girls drove to Rabat, outside the walls of M'dina and parked the car there, as only residents of the city are allowed to drive inside. They stopped at a wine bar for a Martini and then started walking over to the restaurant. Eve badly needed to pee and had to squat by one of the trees, which lined the path to the city gates. The girls relaxed and enjoyed their dinner, accompanied by some fine wine. Perhaps a little unsteadily, they left the restaurant and started to make their way back to Rabat. Ewa decided that she needed to pee and so squatted down and peed in one of the narrow medieval streets, whilst Eve stood watch. When Ewa finished, Eve decided to go as well and the girls left a couple of large puddles in the ancient street.

The girls had some time to kill before driving to catch the Gozo ferry and so had a stroll along the promenade. They needed to pee before setting out on their drive and so took turns to pee on the rocks below. They waited for ages in the queue before finally being able to drive on to the ferry and ascend to the passenger deck. The indoor area was packed with people and so the girls headed out on to the deck, which was a little less crowded. They made their way to the stern to admire the view but they were desperate to pee and unwilling to try to fight their way back through the crowded salon to reach the toilets. Although there were other passengers very close by and crew working on the lower deck, Ewa took a chance and peed from a seated position on a bench. As soon as Ewa finished Eve took her turn to pee from the bench.

The girls arrived on Gozo and looked for somewhere to have lunch, but were disappointed to find nowhere open. Ewa was desperate and ended up peeing in a side street. After miles of driving along a rutted road, the girls arrived at the most southerly part of the island, where a small cafe bar was perched right on the cliff edge. They badly needed to pee before making their way down the rocky path to the little bar and so first Eve and then Ewa peed on the rocks by the car park. The girls made their way down to the cafe bar, which seemed to cater mainly for scuba divers and ordered drinks and sandwiches. Ewa needed to pee but was dismayed to find hat there as no customer toilets at the bar. On the pretence of going to take a photo, she walked round to a little awning covered terrace, which faced the sea. Ewa squatted down over a small patch of gravel, exposed by the wind having blown the carpet back, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and took a long pee on to the gravel. She returned to the table and then Eve decided that she also needed to 'take a photo' and so made her way round to the terrace and peed from a seated position on a rock.

The girls were unimpressed with Gozo so far but decided to carry on driving in the hope of finding something interesting. Ewa became desperate to pee and so Eve had to pull over to allow Ewa to pee from the door of the car on to the roadway. A little further on, the girls arrived at a craft centre, where they stopped to look around. By this time the wind was increasing steadily and the girls wandered around, only to find the majority of little shops closed. Eve needed to pee and braved the strong wind to squat down and pee on the pavement by a closed shop. The girls decided to try to find the famous Calypso cave and so headed in that direction. They arrived at a small town and, as they were both desperate to pee, were relieved to find public toilets in the square. The door to the Ladies was locked or jammed and so the girls went into the Gents, which only housed two urinals. Eve decided to try the urinal and managed to pee a strong stream into the bowl. Ewa tried next and managed to pee a long, neat stream as well. The girls exited the Gents to surprised looks from a group of tourists.

With the wind now blowing a gale, the girls finally arrived at Calypso cave. Ewa was afraid to brave the steps, which were no more than footholds in the rock, but Eve made the precarious descent into the cave, only to find a small, bare chamber. Eve started to make her way back up, after waiting on other visitors to descend. She paused on a small ledge to slip down her panties and pee on the stones, before attempting the final part of the ascent. Ewa also needed to pee, but the area was crowded with visitors. However, she managed to find some bushes for cover and squatted down and took a long pee on the grass. What Ewa did not realise until the girls were departing was that there as a big gap in the bushes and that she had been in full view of the passing visitors. However, their attention seemed to have been on the cave entrance and they had not seen Ewa. The girls were bored with Gozo and concerned about the weather and so headed back to the ferry terminal at Mgar.

There was already a long queue at the terminal entrance and so the girls parked for a moment by the harbour. Ewa was bursting to pee and so she sat on a mooring bollard and peed on the pavement as traffic passed on the main road. Eve decided to find a more secluded place and walked along the harbour front to the slipway and peed under a boat which was ashore for repair.

The girls joined the ferry queue and began the long wait but as they were desperate to pee they walked a little way to the now vacant slipway and Eve squatted down and took a long pee down the slip. Ewa was a little more nervous and managed to squeeze herself on to the very narrow pavement running down the slipway, and peed down the pavement. After a very rough crossing, the girls arrived back on Malta, but before Eve could drive back to the hotel, she needed to pee. As the wind was now at gale force, she managed to pee into an empty fruit juice bottle, rather than attempting to squat outside the car.